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Guest      20 days ago  # 17 November 2022

Horrible servers honestly may never use again outage lasting way too long
With no communication as to what the problem is

Guest      209 days ago  # 12 May 2022

ahhahhahaah just Google it

Guest      209 days ago  # 12 May 2022

Log in issues, lag, glitches, and more

Guest      265 days ago  # 17 March 2022

Bnet has been fkn up for years I’m not really shocked..I just wanna know why consoles can’t create or join by game name….maybe that should be something you mention because it’s a mmorpg that you have to play alone if on consoles to a point where people just quit…so far i soloed this B’s and for no reason because I’m allegedly on bnet right?

Guest      311 days ago  # 30 Jan 2022

it;s not working

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