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Guest      48 days ago  # 23 October 2022

Worst Digital Bank Ever

Guest      68 days ago  # 3 October 2022

What the hell is happening BDO? I want to transfer money but i can't. Asking for OTP but when u entered the pin it's invalid. The OTP provided are all invalid? So, tell us what to do know? We had due bills and deadlines,.

Guest      256 days ago  # 29 March 2022

For 2-3mos now bdo online cannot be accessed. How can I do my transactions from afar?

Guest      297 days ago  # 16 Feb 2022

Slow unresponsive shit

Guest      331 days ago  # 13 Jan 2022

Largest bank in PH with the smallest investment in IT infrastructure

Guest      355 days ago  #

Rubbish always Access Denied 3 days in a row i cant access my online banking i'm not happy im very disappointed

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