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Guest      20 hours ago  # 5 December 2022

I like the games but I don't understand how you guys can't keep up with a game without failing... I can't go into my mods on skyrim on Xbox one on top of that I just bought the 10 year back and can't use any of the creations because it won't load my seriously why is it so hard to keep up with a game that's so simple it's not even multi-player yet I have to wait for another update

Guest      14 days ago  # 22 November 2022

This website sucks f***ing donkey dick

Guest      22 days ago  # 14 November 2022

f*** YOU

Guest      23 days ago  # 12 November 2022

Has issues way too often, terrible search engines

Guest      25 days ago  # 11 November 2022

Wouldn't let me log into my account

Guest      27 days ago  #

It says it can't connect to servers.
It's been like this for days!! FIX IT

Guest      27 days ago  #

On my Xbox one. it says "can't connect to the Bethesda. Net servers.
I restarted my Xbox, I uninstalled and reinstalled.
Checked my wifi again and again.
I did everything.

Guest      62 days ago  #

Garbage company, fix your f***ing outages

Guest      62 days ago  #

Despite what you are saying below, the mod servers are NOT working and neither is any function requiring and Xbox be linked.

Guest      65 days ago  #

I love Skyrim the game is a 35 out of 10 but why are the servers down???????

Guest      75 days ago  #

Cannot connect to from Xbox series x

Guest      80 days ago  #

I like bethesda mods and games but theirs few problem is that bethesda server isn't working and I can't get into my mods and I don't know what's going on but I gotta know because this is ridiculous.

Guest      81 days ago  #

Ill Never buy a Bethesda Game again !!

Guest      322 days ago  #

Bethesda is like youtube they dont give a shit about their fan base and uses a bot to "read" their emails and complaints, leaving a lot of pissed customers.

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