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Guest      6 days ago  # 1 December 2022


Guest      6 days ago  # 1 December 2022

i love bflix it has everything. but today it wouldn’t let me watch or do anything.. it kept taking me to a different white screen .

Guest      17 days ago  # 20 November 2022

I Love it. All the movies are free. You you don't have to pay for nothing at all.

Guest      33 days ago  # 4 November 2022

not working

Guest      35 days ago  # 2 November 2022

it wouldent let me watch anything

Guest      94 days ago  #

Free movies and shows. What more can you ask for.

Guest      104 days ago  #

The servers don’t work

Guest      169 days ago  #

good but cannot watch certain movies or episodes of shows

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