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Guest      4 days ago  # 6 December 2022

Every month the same. I try tp ake payment on my Credit card through the bank for PETCO > Every month it cant find my account. Ever month I have to make a new Password. This is ridilous.Then after I make the change of PW, It tells me the sight is not working. I want to speak to a manager.

Guest      5 days ago  # 5 December 2022

Aweful company!

Guest      5 days ago  # 5 December 2022

Their website is down more than it's up. If they can't even keep their website up and running, how good can they possibly protect our personal information?

Guest      8 days ago  # 2 December 2022

The website is always down or cannot be found. Very bizarre.

Guest      8 days ago  # 2 December 2022

Can’t access account

Guest      10 days ago  #

Website DOWN almost all the time since they switched banks. Never sent us a new card when the old one expired. Had to call twice to get a new one sent.

Guest      17 days ago  #

this so called overhaul has been going on for over 2 years and my awards balance is very high and getting higher and yet they only give me 10.00 back when I shop every week. I think they're keeping the money because they're in deep trouble. They don't tell their card holders anything ...they just profusely appologize and I'm sick of it. I'm going to dump the card and I WANT MY AWARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest      17 days ago  #

Website is always experiencing issues and therefore is frequently unavailable.

Guest      20 days ago  #

Can't log into their website. Nothing but problems with them all year. Done doing business with them!

Guest      28 days ago  #

Website is down and glitchy wayyy too often!

Guest      28 days ago  #

Your site seems to be down a lot so getting into my account on-line is very frustrating. In order to send a message I have to be logged in. Not very good.

Guest      28 days ago  #

Numerous times unable to Log In to pay off my credit card balance. Website says due to a technical glitch, unable to complete the process. "Try again." I do not believe the call in Customer Support is at fault. Problems apparently within Comenity's IT system.

Guest      40 days ago  #

It literally never allows me to sign in.

Guest      49 days ago  #


Guest      52 days ago  #

Difficult to contact. Incurred fees on a zero balance account that has been closed .
400 word Uninformed answer to request for reimbursement. Feels like a robot answered .

Guest      53 days ago  #

Just got switched over to this bank and I HATE it already! Was double-charged for a purchase I made over a month ago. Received two emails from them suggesting someone was trying to access my account; when I called customer service, the rep said it "could be" from a system upgrade....even if this is true, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence, and I've wasted a lot of time researching this potential problem and waiting on the phone to talk with someone. I'm canceling this p.o.s. card after the current billing cycle.

Guest      57 days ago  #

Easy pay will NOT work

Guest      59 days ago  #

Web site for Managing my Visa card doesn’t work right. Made four calls to customer service. No help from anyone. Awful service.

Guest      60 days ago  #

I am new to Comenity. I manage my Comenity Visa credit card online. Their web site won't allow me to change or confirm any of my contact information. Consequently, I can't set alerts for my Visa card. I've called Comenity 4 times about this, and they have solved nothing. Never had this problem with Bank of America.

Guest      68 days ago  #

I cannot access my account. I cannot change my password. I cannot contact your secure message center because everytime I try to enter my correct password it says “sorry, a technical glitch has occurred. Try again later.” This is most frustrating. When I call the number on the back of the card, I go through the whole process of entering 16 digit account number, last 4 of social, zip code etc…. put on hold for 47 minutes. Then I hear 3 beeps and a dial tone. This entire process has happened 4 TIMES. I need to access my account. Please contact me.

Guest      71 days ago  #

I made a payment of $187.91 in full and on time in but I didn’t receive a payment notice in July but did receive 2 in August both dated 08/07, the first with a balance of $222.86 and the second with a negative balance of ($187.91) with a note stating “DO NOT PAY”. Then I received one in September stating that I now owe $258.21 including interest and penalties. I communicated with them 5 times between September the 13th and the 24th but received no responses from them. I copied J. Jill on the 24th and they must have prodded Comenity to respond to me since I received an email on the 25th from Comenity stating that their system is down and my account will be adjusted once they are back online.

Guest      94 days ago  #

website is down more than it is up..disgusting

Guest      109 days ago  #

It hasn't been working for well over 5 months now. I can only partially see my account instead of being able to have full access.

Guest      114 days ago  #

I talked to a Supervisor on 8/17/2022 regarding my Comenity (Carters) credit card. After explaining problems I waited for a response. After several seconds of silence the Supervisor gave me a very sarcastic "yeah". When I asked her to explain her sarcastic tone she began to tell me how she sat quietly while I complained in a very sarcastic tone and attitude again! I won't be using my Carters credit card anymore. Their server has been down for several days with no help from Comenity customer service. What a way to run a railroad. (I am quite sure nobody from Comenity would understand that last comment)!

Guest      121 days ago  #

Their fraudulent late fees, inability to pay your bill due to your fault with your system, rude customer service unprofessionalism, hanging up on customers trying to find out what is
happening with our accounts

Guest      122 days ago  #

Trying to pay off my account and system continues to take information until the very end when it tells me I have to start over again, repeated and repeated, some result.

Guest      130 days ago  #

Worst website I have ever used

Guest      137 days ago  #

Unbelievable total bullshit on paying our cards, but representatives have the audacity to call and tell us we haven't paid our accounts...Fix your crap Comenity!!!!

Guest      137 days ago  #

I've never had any problems with cards issued through Comenity Bank until today. I've been trying to log in to pay my Victoria's Secret account, but I keep getting this message:
"Unsafe connection
You appeared to be connected to an untrusted network. Please verify your network is secure and try again."
My network is the same as it's always been every time I've paid my bill. I've tried many times to log in, but no avail. Guess I'll have to go in person to Victoria's Secret to pay my bill. Hopefully, there won't be a problem paying my bill in person.

Guest      142 days ago  #

The site has been down for weeks, now. It's upsetting and scary. It says account closed. I'm still trying to pay on it, but I'm not sure if any of it is working. This is beyond stressful. Please help!

Guest      143 days ago  #

Can't sign In to pay bill

Guest      144 days ago  #

website continues to be down. cant access my three accounts to pay on them. rediculous.

Guest      145 days ago  #

Trying to pay bills over phone and online and cannot

Guest      148 days ago  #

Pathetic.... no online access... no phone lines open... worst customer service I've ever encountered!

Guest      148 days ago  #

Terrible. What is going on? Cannot pay my balances on cards through comenity, specifically Venus and Jill.

Guest      148 days ago  #


Guest      149 days ago  #

Never can get the site to pay properly. always an issue you have to fight through

Guest      151 days ago  #

I absolutely HATE Comenity bank!!!!!! I am cancelling every card connected to this disgusting bank. It's been THREE WEEKS and I still can't get into my Bed/Bath, Sephora, Victorias Secret accounts. They have no clue the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! The inconvenience and headache this bank caused is unforgivable.

Guest      152 days ago  #

Need to pay my bill by phone today!
No one answers the phone meaning automated system! Tried customer service on web but I’m not putting a credit card # in for $1 charge even if it’s refunded, not with having these issues!
I better not get a late fee charge on my acct since I’m trying all different ways to pay bill
Hope this gets resolved asap

Guest      155 days ago  #

The website hardly ever works. I'm done with this card, don't care about the points anymore

Guest      155 days ago  #

Been mostly unusable for about 2 weeks now! Fix it!

Guest      155 days ago  #

Its awful. Since Wayfair accounts were closed, I can't log into my account to make a payment and don't know my account number to easy pay.

Guest      156 days ago  #

I can't log on to pay my Bill's I can't reach anyone on the phone

Guest      156 days ago  #

I have had major fraud occur on my All Rewards Ann Taylor Card since my last payment. I wasn't notified when someone made two different purchases in the last month and charged over a thousand dollars online. I have been trying for two weeks to get ahold of someone to report and take care of this. I keep getting a system is down recording and when I finally get transferred to a customer service agent it says to call back and hangs up on me. I am so frustrated.

Guest      158 days ago  #

Their website has been down now for over a week. Nothing works as they suggest- not the Easy Pay, not customer service. This is absolutely unacceptable. This company is CRAP and I will be cancelling my card with them- which was with Barclay Bank for 10 years before these idiots got ahold of the NFL Extra Points account!!

Guest      160 days ago  #

I can’t make my payment and the due date is on the 4th of July

Guest      161 days ago  #

I would recommend Comenity to my worst enemy!

Guest      161 days ago  #

The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing!

Guest      161 days ago  #

I understand there are issues with the website. However, all means of communication to Comenity have been cut-off...not only the website, but the ezpay site the main site directs us to and all customer service phone access. I'm am just trying to find out what my balance is. My payment is due on 7/10. BJ's needs to find another credit card vendor to work with. The fact that all means of communication have been shut off is totally unacceptable.

Guest      161 days ago  #

I got a card for my car brand. I need parts and can't even activate my card. That's entirely why I got the card... I need to drive!!

Guest      161 days ago  #

It's been offline for at least 3 days

Guest      161 days ago  #

Cant reach anyone by phone not even automated system. Cant log in to pay credit card no matter what you do

Guest      162 days ago  #

Nobody is answering the phone to take payments or explain any of this mess. I will be paying my balance off and cancelling my Jcrew credit card after this.

Guest      162 days ago  #

Can't log in. It can't find my account! So I can't make my payment!

Guest      162 days ago  #

It states that the people who were trying to make payment June 27th and 28th feed will be waived. I been teying to make payments since then and today is July 1, 2022 and can't access the website nor get any connection on phone staring the service is down.

Guest      162 days ago  #

Horrible. My card is missing and I can’t report it to this bank

Guest      162 days ago  #

This is so stressful with their system being down, if you have the choice to NOT work with them don't

Guest      162 days ago  #

Couldn't help me! Put me on hold for 10 min then I was put back to auto to start over again!

Guest      162 days ago  #

If I could choose 0 stars I would. This company has been down for 9 days. No web access no customer service reps on phone no way to report fraud!

Guest      162 days ago  #

Comenity website been down for over a week. Who's running this shitshow?

Guest      163 days ago  #

Unable to pay my bills online and I am leaving for vacation. I hope that there will be no late fee assessments. I do not receive paper statements so I have no idea what the minimum payments are. This outage has been ongoing for at least 2 weeks with no end in sight. Never can get a customer service on the phone and if you do finally get through, you are hold forever.

Guest      163 days ago  #

Hardly functioning website!!!

Guest      164 days ago  #

I cannot access my account (for 2 days so far), and my credit card is being turned down!!

Guest      164 days ago  #

Can not reach anyone nor can I make a payment!

Guest      164 days ago  #

Their website never works properly.

Guest      165 days ago  #

Horrible customer service.

Guest      165 days ago  #

horrible websites for all their accounts has been down for days....

Guest      165 days ago  #

You have been down for 2 days. I only want to pay my bill. Your system is messed up.

Guest      165 days ago  #

Taking too long to repair their website!!!

Guest      165 days ago  #

Cannot believe I cannot reach a person to check my account. You have been unreachable for far too long. Unacceptable!

Guest      165 days ago  #

They're down and won't give us any updates. They just say "a planned system update that has taken longer than expected", and that's the end of it. When you call, they just tell you to call back. UGH!!! I'll be canceling by account with Comenity and going with someone else.

Guest      165 days ago  #

constant issues with everything with my credit card. Payments and purchases.

Guest      166 days ago  #

Website down for 4 days. Now I remember why I cancelled the last card I got from you clowns.

Guest      166 days ago  #


Guest      166 days ago  #

Fix the damned website!!!

Guest      166 days ago  #

Has been unavailble off and on since 6/15 payments not processing system down for planned maintenance that lasts for days, now customer service recording our offices are closed due to unforseen circumstances. Really?

Guest      166 days ago  #

Their BJ’s Credit Card site has been down for days! How am I supposed to check my balance & schedule my payment? I’ll bet they’re making mucho profit with late charges & their outrageous interest charges. This is a real $hit$torm of a bank / credit card company!

Guest      301 days ago  #

Not.been able to ok get a status on my claim for over two weeks

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