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Guest      7 days ago  # 29 November 2022

This is the worst experience due to server . On Umang app claim is showing under process from last 5 days but epfo site it is not reflecting. Try to login 100 of time but says site down.

Guest      11 days ago  # 25 November 2022

It never works

Guest      13 days ago  # 22 November 2022

Worst gov site always slow or down. no benifit of paying taxes.
Company should not open EPF account also . Worst service

Guest      15 days ago  # 21 November 2022


Guest      16 days ago  # 20 November 2022

Always server down issue

Guest      29 days ago  #

The pages take very long to load and cannot be reached

Guest      112 days ago  #

The server is down since almost a month now

Guest      134 days ago  #

Not working clamp form not submitted

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