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Guest      5 days ago  # 23 September 2022

I have read over 900+ fanfics since the pandemic began and I love this app. I hope it stays up. Is it true that it's going down permanently?

Guest      7 days ago  # 21 September 2022

Late childhood (9-almost-10ish) was spent there lol... Was looking for any possible sequels to this show I was watching & I found a fanfic. I thought it was official at first but after sum time I found out it wasnt but still, it was nice reading AUs & other stuff. A few months later I looked up sum fanfics of a franchise from the show I was watching and boom. When i was 11 I was a rlly avid reader of fanfics already (I knew how to tell smut & avoided such fics most of the time) knew lots of authors but didnt know how to review (I also knew boy ao3 & wattpad but I found FFN more easier to navigate so I was there most of the time) till I turned like 12 maybe. Then I waited till I was 13 to make an email & an account there. Few months later I wrote a story there. When i had an otp tho, i started to read from AO3 cause more fics of it were there. So yeah, even if now I don't visit there as much, I still read & write there. I also have more readers r also from FFN than the other two websites. So yeah, it was fun. Very fun. It holds a very special place in my heart, and I don't wanna see it go, ever.

Guest      15 days ago  # 13 September 2022

Website not loading properly and hasent for several days

Guest      21 days ago  # 7 September 2022

Since Cloudflare it takes an average of 3 minutes to change a page !! I moved to archive of our own

Guest      105 days ago  # 15 June 2022

It's so good it's not funny!!!!

Guest      117 days ago  #

Constant breaking and not publicly telling people it'll be down for maintenance or whatever

Guest      135 days ago  #

I haven't received notifications on stories for along while.

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