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Guest      6 days ago  # 20 May 2022

They are very angry, because about three or four days ago, on p.c. he wouldn't let me log in - he wouldn't send me the code by email. I had to wait for this to be fixed for about 24 hours. Now the same thing is repeated on the Android phone. It is very frustrating and very annoying not to be able to access Hiveos when you want.

Guest      9 days ago  # 17 May 2022

Work when it want ...

Guest      14 days ago  # 12 May 2022

HIVE f***ing sucks!!!!!!!

Guest      14 days ago  # 12 May 2022

Hive has been down for most of the day. I have $40,000 worth of rigs that I can't monitor. For all I know, they are currently burning down my house. f*** you Hive!!!!!

Guest      101 days ago  # 14 Feb 2022

Alltime down u cant show ur miners or do change for other coins to mine... U must be lucky that u get the app or website for login.
I dont know what my miner doing at the moment... since 3 hours waitin for nothin
Thank you hive
Enjoy the free mining OS xD


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