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Guest      12 days ago  # 29 July 2022

The site is constantly down. As soon as I get my money off I am done with these guys for good.

Guest      29 days ago  # 12 July 2022

Over a month now if getting straight f**kin robbed by these guys. Going into tournaments following their EXACT instructions on most optimal methods for operating their site, clearing history, cookies and caches, using incognito, a direct wired connection. None of it matters. They're gonna kick you off the servers, not let you back into the game (if it lets you get in at all in the first place) and then proceed to say that it's OUR FAULT?! GODDAMN CROOKS! HOW, if after looking at ones account, seeing that he payed an entry fee to play a game, never registered a single decision on any hand in the game, and reattempted a minimum of 15 logins site reloads and never actually seeing the table... When speaking with this customer has the f***ing gall to say, well you started the game it's not our fault you didn't play?!?!?!?!? Not sure why it took me so many times to learn better but I guess the 5th time a charm. 5 times this has happened, almost exclusively on 20 and 60 dollar jackpot sit and go games, I am preventer from playing then told I shouldn't have bet if I didn't want to lose. Can you believe that???!!! That and after playing a tourny for 7+ hours last week for the free roll, it was the laggy-est game in history.... But I stuck with it. Firmly between 1st and second place for HOURS, they decide to cancel the game since it was so laggy and basically told me to eat shit for asking for some kind of compensation. I played for OVER 7 HOURS!!!!!!!! And right towards the end cancel the game themselves workout a winner, and tell me maybe I should try being luckier next time. So they take your money underhandedly in numerous ways, make zero attempt to make things right and then laugh directly at you about it when you contact support. I'm....... Done. I think I'm gonna start entire blood and websites showing the good word and convincing people never to put themselves at the mercy of these criminals. You have pushed me passed my breaking point and now I will make it my mission to destroy you.

Guest      74 days ago  # 28 May 2022

down with no communication to customers


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