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Guest      19 days ago  # 18 November 2022

It's a good platform for uploading games and assets, because it's fast (unless there's a really, really big game or game jam).

Guest      92 days ago  # 6 September 2022

It's an amazing tool for devs.

Guest      142 days ago  # 17 July 2022

is good

Guest      178 days ago  # 12 June 2022

i submitted my game there

Guest      237 days ago  # 14 April 2022

Soo much content and I'm always finding more. Thanks to I have a fairly large library of VNs in which I enjoy everyday.

Guest      237 days ago  #

I like how posting games on works

Guest      240 days ago  #


Guest      270 days ago  #

Bundles are impossible to use.

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