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Guest      4 days ago  # 22 June 2022

Servers always down. Can never talk to anyone

Guest      13 days ago  # 12 June 2022

Can’t eveb get server started!

Guest      51 days ago  # 6 May 2022

no mission files

Guest      60 days ago  # 26 April 2022


Guest      66 days ago  # 20 April 2022

Junk. They have a monopoly and shit is always down.

Guest      67 days ago  #

Nitrado won't refund down time or even respond. I have two servers and yet.. not even a note from them.

Guest      68 days ago  #

Happy and good price

Guest      69 days ago  #

Server was holding really good for a few and crashed. Stuck on "restarting server". Nitrado knows about the issue and forewarned it could happen but I haven't even had the server up for 24hrs before it crashed

Guest      70 days ago  #

No help text help takes to long no phone number

Guest      71 days ago  #

Unstable connection as well as console minimum server size being 10 slots instead of 4 like on pc.

Guest      72 days ago  #

I strongly believe the service has been over subscribed and as a result the end user suffers. Nitrado are to my knowledgew the only host providers that "never sell out" like other providers do when they reach server saturation. They just keep selling hosting services which in turn slows the rest of a particular datacentre down causing untold problems. The lag is incredible now. Servers stuck in restart mode servers not starting back up after a restart and going into stopped mode. This is very silly and they continue to sell a service which is heavily over subscribed.

Guest      72 days ago  #

They are not Listening to me.

Guest      76 days ago  #

f***ing sucks

Guest      80 days ago  #

Servers down more than they are up! Constant lag issues, glitches and getting rolled back w/o warning!

Guest      90 days ago  #

the site is always slow to load. and my server is inaccessible every morning for 20 mins around 2am PST

Guest      110 days ago  #

They put minimal effort into resolving issues when an issue is brought to their attention and the fact that they don't publicly announce they are having issues is frustrating.. You pay good money to have a server, then when something goes wrong with it, you contact them. Sometimes you get a response, sometimes you don't.. Then most of the time you have to look into forums or other chat threads to find out if the issue you're having is just your server or if others are having the same issue.. It can be stressful

Guest      111 days ago  #

down and bad (down bad)

Guest      156 days ago  #

laggy and problems with updates

Guest      176 days ago  #

Can't purchase, let's me login I I pick my game accept cookies and soon as I accept it just starts over again and again and again on all my devices. Has to be the most un user friendly technology I use. Or should probably say used to use

Guest      184 days ago  #

The server doesn't work half the time and when it does games are nearly unplayable due to lag.


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