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Guest      5 days ago  # 23 September 2022

Constant disconnects.

Guest      32 days ago  # 27 August 2022

No response on why no service

Guest      49 days ago  # 10 August 2022

Today, they suck

Guest      57 days ago  # 1 August 2022

You are unable to login to website

Guest      66 days ago  # 23 July 2022

They charge for a service that doesn't work half the time. They suck big time

Guest      68 days ago  #


Guest      77 days ago  #

Spectrum mobile and internet suck

Guest      86 days ago  #

I was tricked into getting a package that came with an ipad. Now I am stuck with the ipad having to pay for it at once, and the internet service sucked, I had to cancel it. I have asked other spectrum agents at stores like Walmart, and none of them have heard of such a plan that makes you buy the ipad. Beware!!!

Guest      105 days ago  #

f***ing dogshit ass internet

Guest      146 days ago  #

Stops working for no f***ing reason

Guest      146 days ago  #

I'm trying to log into Spectrum and I can't log in.

Guest      151 days ago  #

Spectrum doesn’t load any website

Guest      156 days ago  #

Refuses to connect after hours of trying.

Guest      210 days ago  #

Gos down for no reason and they don't tell you shit.

Guest      217 days ago  #

You guys suck. Charge way too much for internet and go down almost everyday at some point. I work online and you have cost me $100 this week alone.

Guest      271 days ago  #

Cannot log in to website. It says try again later. If they want me to pay my bill, fix the dang website!

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