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Jim “I get bitches” Macdonald      13 days ago  # 22 November 2021

Jbabbs      14 days ago  # 22 November 2021
Was finally able to file through the phone! Praise God!! Only took 20x

Patrick      14 days ago  # 22 November 2021
Just finally was able to file over the phone.I tried online 20 times at least unsuccessfully and about 10 on the phone and it hung up on me saying technical difficulties transferring to an agent 9 of them finally the phone call lasted long enough to go through..Lol I guess we'll see what happens ????‍♂️..Serious problems with that system this week but my advice to anyone trying is do it over the phone.You may have to go through your info 9 times only to get hung up on and have to do it all over again but like I said it ended up the last time saying "I have successfully filed my claim"

Kim      15 days ago  # 21 November 2021
Trying to file weekly claim & nothing working. Tried calling n it keeps hanging up

Jbabbs      16 days ago  # 20 November 2021
Tried setting up new login and was told there was an error???? Now I can't do shit, said to contact customer care.

Jon      16 days ago  #
Unemployment login change is joke leave it the way it was quit messing with the system

Frank martin      16 days ago  #
Yea I can’t login ether been trying all day and I have an appeal open and new correspondence and can’t do nothing about it and the representatives is a joke they don’t help you with crap anymore!

Heather Kelley      17 days ago  #
I can't log in.

pissed      18 days ago  #
Dewine needs to resign.....now.

BB      18 days ago  #
Login is not working and when you try to reset it, they don't send you the pin number. They are probably broke and just stalling again. Fire them all I say. Let them try to claim the insurance....what a joke.

Steph      107 days ago  #
Website keeps flashing

Al      108 days ago  #
I haven't been able to file for 2 weeks going into the 3rd week. The site keeps flashing.

S      108 days ago  #
I cannot access the log in page. What’s going on?

Keary Ray      110 days ago  #
Website keeps going in and out causing me to not able to log on and claim. My week!

Brandie Withrow      112 days ago  #
Website down?

Guest      114 days ago  #
I pointed it out to them when I talked to them. The only way I was able to file my claim for the week was with a representative over the phone. It was by appointment only. I advised neither their automated attendant or their website is working as it should. They claim to have no knowledge of any problems but they will "forward it on".

Guest      117 days ago  #
What is everyone doing who can't log on to claim their week?

Guest      118 days ago  #
Unemployment still down won’t let me claim my week

Guest      118 days ago  #
Cant log in the website/keeps flashing.
Automated will allow you to file for the week but it keeps kicking me off halfway through. If with a representative it's by appointment only and they have to call back. Am I doing something wrong? This is exhausting. Worse system ever.

Guest      118 days ago  #
Can’t log in just keeps flashing

Guest      118 days ago  #
Flashing off and on cannot log in to file for weekly claim

Joseph bollinger      123 days ago  #
Whats going on with ohio unemployment website....keeps flashing in and out....

Guest      124 days ago  #
Screen is just going in and out for the last 3 days. I haven’t been able to hit the log in with our it going crazy.

Guest      125 days ago  #
Screen goes crazy and bugging out when I hit log in

Guest      125 days ago  #
Still bugging out. Can't access cite from either browser

Guest      126 days ago  #
Still down cant file weekly

Bear      126 days ago  #
Log in screen goes crazy

Guest      127 days ago  #

guest      127 days ago  #

Guest      131 days ago  #
"Site cant be reached" error message

Kris Kerkondis      149 days ago  #
Unable to log into my account. Getting "If you want to access your unemployment account you must call unemployment. There is a security issue." I phoned unemployment and was told there is no problem on my end it is on unemployments end and it will be fixed soon. It's been 9 hours and still unable to log in.

Michael      150 days ago  #
website not working

Dianne A. Cincinnati      162 days ago  #
Website gives me 504 gateway timeout error on submitting my final page of the unemployment (for independent contract/gig workers). What is wrong with the ohio unemployment website?

Cat Lady      164 days ago  #
Website turns to a purple screen when you log in & try to use the full site on your phone

guest      185 days ago  #
site not working when I go to "get started"