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theking2      140 days ago  # 6 Feb 2022
Cannot access Wikipedia from my hoster. Using a VPN it works.

ralle      142 days ago  # 4 Feb 2022
Down from Swiss - from Germany no problem

Guest      374 days ago  # 16 June 2021
Login. Plus incorrect IP blocking.

Mark      849 days ago  # 28 Feb 2020
Wikipedia website is not working for me. I can see that all the articles I've looked at so far are not working, but when I try to search an article it says "Article not found". What's up with that? Is this a bug on Wikipedia? Or is the problem in my browser? The site is slower than it used to be, less responsive and doesn't automatically flag the likes of the "I own an iPhone" section or the "Did you know I recently bought a book" sub-section, which aren't the text of the Wikipedia articles but nevertheless exist. But things get worse when you log into twitter. A long and unwieldy list of links forms an impenetrable barrier between you and your Twitter conversations.

Marcel      853 days ago  # 24 Feb 2020
Wikipedia is down for me again... The online encyclopedia Wikipedia is down for me again, this time for a brief period. It appears that the United States government has infected Wikipedia with the malicious program GUMF (and .exe for Windows). This virus made it through the firewalls of 50 Internet Service Providers (ISPs), comprising a significant amount of Internet traffic. Some ISPs are located outside the USA. GUMF, which is a program to attack internet databases, appears to be called Zeus. This is a technique which uses advanced forms of encryption to embed and insert malicious code into Wikipedia's main website pages.

Guest      855 days ago  #
Wikipedia not working errors. A more technical error would be the use of a nautical mile as equal to "656,000". Most Europeans would agree that there are a lot more inaccuracies in the Wikipedia article than in the "official" Greek version. Though to be fair, the Greek Wikipedia makes a point to acknowledge some "gaps" between the two sources. It is useful to follow and get the viewpoint of the writers at this point. It would also make the reader aware that a lot of the "spurious" information in the Greek Wikipedia is the result of making an assumption that more Greek "facts" were intentionally deliberately left out of the English Wikipedia article.

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@Aurinkoinen6   @kickynew @krishnanrohit IQ is not a *perfect* metric of anything. But it's very far from meaningless. It's predictive of all sorts of desirable life outcomes. Even Wikipedia, which has gone notoriously woke in recent years on related issues, doesn't deny this: read the source
2 days ago   24 June 2022

@RomainBrette   If they have to be corrected, does that mean there are neurons downstream that are not subject to all those issues, whose firing is stable, context-free, and exactly mirror perception? Where are those neurons? 3/5 read the source
2 days ago   24 June 2022

@TheWreckingBal5   2000 United States presidential election recount in Florida many election integrity issues eh @LizCheney @AE911Truth eh @JebBush #TheSystemsRigged #FollowTheMoney eh @FBI read the source
2 days ago   24 June 2022

@Eternally_Erin   RT @strangeattracto: After seeing the variety of explanations for Revlon's bankruptcy, from lack of social media influencers to supply chai read the source
2 days ago  

@DavisTefl   @JRLOakley He has issues ... so many issues ... utter gobshite: read the source
2 days ago  

@shit_i_need   The sci.* hierarchy is a major class of newsgroups in Usenet, containing all newsgroups whose name begins with "sci.", organized hierarchically.sci.* groups discuss various scientific and research issues. read the source
2 days ago  

@photon_barrier   @ElliTheHarpy @KammiInTheWhat Wiki sums it up quite nicely (or horrifically) in the legal issues section. I didn't know all of this, so huh he's an even worse person than I thought. read the source
2 days ago  

@ShanthaRMohan   RT @WESCentenary: Martha Schneider-Brger 1st #German female civil engineer, graduating from @TU_Muenchen in 1927. Played significant role read the source
2 days ago  

@philly_bernie   @NekNamirrem @SocialistFrank To spread the word about how much better democrats are on those issues than republicans. read the source
2 days ago  

@MikeFromHC   @Jim_Jordan Woke: "aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)"Also, Republican code for not caring. See also: read the source
2 days ago  

@Noh4m   @CaluGuillaume Elle en est tellement le symbole qu'un prix littraire porte son nom : le Rachel Carson Prize (outstanding book in STS with a focus on issues of social or political relevance) read the source
2 days ago  

@MOlsen15996329   @mackenzielaura7 @Annies_NOTokmj @roaringrapids22 The stories about Ezra. Scroll down to 'Legal issues' read the source
2 days ago  

@comhbha   @Kjell52059994 @Zontar_Dow @riooyetii @mrinalcheruvoor @OliverJia1014 No private property??? I dont like Wikipedia much, as it is a biased pro-western source on many issues. However, here is a list of just some of the major private companies existing in Germany in 1938. read the source
2 days ago  

@HHIDavidson   @LynnSTeague Just moved to SC. Family has voted straight D since Jefferson. Have no plan design intent to vote in primaries. Party is a failure incapable of dealing with serious issues and is caught up in the trivial read the source
3 days ago  

@frodecii   RT @everest_254: @SpiceFMKE @TheRootspaty @EricLatiff @ctmuga @nduokoh Fact check:Wajackoyah: 70% of suicide cases in Japan tied to suspi read the source
3 days ago  

@Laserhedvig   are you in a project where lots of time seems to be spent on trivial issues such as oxford commas (yes i said it), names of things, what caterer to use etc instead of the complex issues at hand?it may be because of the bike-shed-effect read the source
3 days ago  

@DrLutzBoehm   There are some technical issues about how to construct this device but I will not go into detail about this here (Link). Just to mention this: The #endoscope may not only contain the lense but also the optical fiber to illuminate the field of view. 3/14 read the source
3 days ago  

@KarenX48416796   RT @MakingMoneyFast: @KarenX48416796 @roadtoserfdom3 @wasteoftym His name is Dennis Meadows. He is one of people behind "Club Of Rome", w read the source
3 days ago  

@answrguy   @stephanlivera While I am not against nuclear power production, I feel compelled to call out this casual comparisons of lithium battery waste to the waste products of nuclear fission.They're not anywhere near the same league of issues. read the source
3 days ago  

@ali6275   RT @200td: : read the source
3 days ago