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Guest      2 days ago  # 22 November 2020

Guest      5 days ago  # 19 November 2020

Guest      17 days ago  # 7 November 2020
General Outage

Guest      19 days ago  # 5 November 2020

Chris Thorp      44 days ago  # 11 October 2020
info There appears to be trouble with your network connection. Retrying... in pipelines

juls07      73 days ago  #
"cookies are dissabled" but there is no extension or setting making it like this

Maxwell s.c      130 days ago  #
Down now

Mario Torres      407 days ago  #
bitbucket is down in Peru, first time it happens to us, we are in panic in 3.2.1.....

Pedro Vallese      407 days ago  #
cant pull

prashant      407 days ago  #
bitbucket is not working please do the needfull

DarkT      407 days ago  #
Can't push nor pull, incorrect credentials. Were correct a hour ago.

Pramita Firnanda      419 days ago  #
you seem to be down for me .. i can not pull and the response to ping was rto

Seb      419 days ago  #
Again problem with push

christopher tousignant      420 days ago  #
I have our private composer packages tied to BitBucket. When trying to install the composer package, its failing on the connection to BitBucket.For new users complaining about reliability: BitBucket service used to be really stable.... 3 times in 24 hrs is a little concerning but, I think their reputation and past stability affords them a little flexibility in the situation.

Andrii      420 days ago  #

PedRo Bezanilla      420 days ago  #
cannot push :(

namename      421 days ago  #
insanely slow

Donovan Broad      421 days ago  #
Oops, something went wrong...Pull Request Activity

Myprovider      439 days ago  #
Seems to be working again now

programmer567      441 days ago  #
Cannot create a new branch.

programmer567      461 days ago  #
Can't create a pull request, it's timing out. Other parts of the bitbucket site were also timing out for a while.

Sitethief      659 days ago  #
Its down from here. No response to pings. DNS can find it.

Brecht Valcke      664 days ago  #
Its not down for me but verry slow. The slack integration is not working at all though

Dillon Watts      664 days ago  #
Bitbucket website seems to be down. running persistent ping all have timed out.

Ross McMillan      670 days ago  #
No response from at present.

Quentin BRETON      756 days ago  #
Git outage ? Is very slow.

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
With bitbucket, you have to be quick and push between downtime.

hawk      761 days ago  #

Galina Kovbasenko      761 days ago  #
and then down again ((

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
Let's all push together and break it again.

hawk      761 days ago  #

mimo mohamed hasan      761 days ago  #
it came up again.. working fine now

Daniel San Luis      761 days ago  #

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
It's a possibility. I'll tell him. Thank you!

hawk      761 days ago  #
or maybe reptilians down bitbucket, think it

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
Professor asks why the assignment is not pushed yet. I told him that BITBUCKET the dog ate it.

Daniel San Luis      761 days ago  #
They finally twit something

Matt      761 days ago  #
Down in south Asia as well

George Ulahannan      761 days ago  #
Its down in India also

nikhil74      761 days ago  #
504 in delhi, its been 10 mins

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
Currently match making. Please be gentle.

hawk      761 days ago  #
Lest go to play dota? :V

mimo mohamed hasan      761 days ago  #
internal server error.. down in Egypt

hawk      761 days ago  #
I am so lazy :V

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
CTRL+C ----> CTRL+Vkidding of course

hawk      761 days ago  #
how i push my code if i use VPS :V

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
Sending push in usb stick through FedEx

fhferreira      761 days ago  #
Internal Server Error on website and API returning error

Galina Kovbasenko      761 days ago  #
Kharkiv, Ukraine - bitbucket is down

hawk      761 days ago  #
fuuu, i cant push, lmao bitbucket i hate you!

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
It's 4am here and I cannot get the fix you mention

Volodymyr Mokhonko      761 days ago  #
Kiev, Ukrane same situation

hawk      761 days ago  #
I wanna sleep :(

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
Kicked the BUCKET

Daniel San Luis      761 days ago  #
Down in Europe

John      761 days ago  #
Internal server error on Brazil

Master System 3d      761 days ago  #
No git push no payNo pay no stayGo away

Diego Rolle      761 days ago  #
Internal server error in North-west Italy

yoni      761 days ago  #
Yep, seems down