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Guest      12 days ago  # 12 March 2023 + 0 -

Comments not working

Mb      115 days ago  # 30 November 2022 + 0 -
Daily mail stories on Apple News App has updated stories for 2 weeks in Australia

Guest      225 days ago  # 11 August 2022 + 0 -

They Ban you for no reason, and then don't give you a reason why you are banned. Plus the articles are not proof read and or, English is not their mother language. Sometimes I think the truth hurts. For example, when I comment on Israel. I've noticed that when I comment that those Ukraine and German Jews who occupy Israel should stop their nonsense. Certain moderators get really angry at me. But how can the children of Esau even call themselves Israelis. GOD changed Jacob's name to Israel, and ONLY his offspring are Israelis. Those Jews living in Israel are Edomites, and not even the United Nations can change that! I, am an African-American, in 1619 the first official slave was sold - 2019 George Floyd was killed, worst than an animal. My people was subjected to 400 years of slavery and mistreatment. And in 2020 exactly the amount of years GOD said would pass. Everybody is saying Black Lives Matter! Look I don't give a sh!t about being banned from Dailymail, But you better believe I know now WHO I AM. GOD will give us back our Israel after the destruction of this FAKE U.N. given Israel is gone! And HIS Israel will last forever.

Marek      1123 days ago  # 25 Feb 2020 + -1 -
Dailymail website is not working for me. An employee who answered the phone at The Daily Mail, said the website was "not working for some people". It appears the Mail website will no longer accept payments. The Guardian website has said it will stop accepting donations, but the next ten days offer nothing to suggest it will make any headway. Why do you have to pay to read the Daily Mail? Many people will say that they are taking part in a brave new world where they no longer have to pay for newspapers. The Daily Mail is one of the world's most important newspapers and the core of the British media industry.