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SL4PSH0CK      18 days ago  # 10 September 2022
its UP since yesterday

COOMER      19 days ago  # 9 September 2022

COOMER      19 days ago  # 9 September 2022

german user      19 days ago  # 9 September 2022
HTTP error 500

SL4PSH0CK      19 days ago  # 9 September 2022
well damn, be seeing you later guys and hope our issues got fixed

random      19 days ago  #

PlayerMe      19 days ago  #
Don't understand the issue, but it seems I'm not the only person getting a blank white page.
I've flushed my cookies, cleared my DNS cache, reset my broadband modem & tried a reboot.

All the Is it on line services are reporting the site as up, yet I'm still getting blank pages.

Edwarf      20 days ago  #
Not even via VPN, status reports the site services are collapsed.

f95haru      20 days ago  #
still down 9/9 2022 error 500

CAT      20 days ago  #
status page says its online but I get
This page isn’t working
f95zone.to is currently unable to handle this request.
also cloudfare likes cats

F95      20 days ago  #
Same problem here, white screen after bot verify

Blitz      20 days ago  #
Date (MM/dd/YYYY): 08/09/2022 19:21 GMT-5
Error code:500

tippex      20 days ago  #
Cloudfare says I must prove I'm not a bot, seems to be in love with cat images(wants long haired ones), then you get a white screen, that's it, can't get onto any of my normal sections.

etc      20 days ago  #
its down on september 9 8 2022 at 1700 hrs htp 500 error

anon      116 days ago  #
thanks hellster :)

hmmm      118 days ago  #

2 cents      131 days ago  #
I'm in VN and using Opera VPN , change location to Americas work for me, albeit slow. Thanks strangers in Australia.

Dude      131 days ago  #
work normally in Malaysia

Hellster      131 days ago  #
For those of you in Australia (i am there too), the site isn't actually down, just having routing issues between Australia and the site.
Several friends in other countries can access the site fine, if you can't wait for the issues to be resolved, you can use a VPN and select somewhere in America and it will work

KneeGear      131 days ago  #
still down

Big mac      131 days ago  #
It seem the server is down for Asia?

bigiron      131 days ago  #
still down

PeeMhee      131 days ago  #
site down

2 cents      131 days ago  #
F95zone is inaccessible from Vietnam. I think last night I am still able to access it

Masterbatur      131 days ago  #
come on why is it downnnnnn

K      131 days ago  #
this site can't be reached :(

vaibhav      149 days ago  #

Guy      189 days ago  #
Come on fix it.

dude      192 days ago  #
Its down :(

YAA      195 days ago  #

UwU      197 days ago  #
Its down :(

oStrangerQuota on YOUTUBE      200 days ago  #
website worked till 10 minutes ago,

asdasd      200 days ago  #
website is down

anonymous      201 days ago  #
website is down in pc

anon      201 days ago  #
website is DOWN !!!

anon      201 days ago  #
Whole site isn't wanting to respond- Keep timing out.

F95 Fan      201 days ago  #
Website Up. Anything interactive (Log In, Register, Search) Down.

sad      202 days ago  #
down down down

a      202 days ago  #

anon      203 days ago  #
I'm timing out

anon      203 days ago  #
Down for me.

Anon 3481      203 days ago  #
Site Down r.i.p

Anon      203 days ago  #
It's down right now but all detectors are saying it's up. It says server timeout for me.

derp      208 days ago  #
Am I the only with problems?

Zoop Zoop      241 days ago  #
shows the website is down which is correct! f*** this updownradar website..

Zoop Zoop      241 days ago  #
Can't access the website from Australia! Seems to be down from last 2 hours. I can't upload games from here.

Goop Boop      241 days ago  #
hopefully it comes back on soon

anon      241 days ago  #
its down why is it saying it is up

Guest2.0      262 days ago  #
Hey i get The connection was timed out
it's been days sins i got on last. i have tryd all of (What to do if the site is unavailable) nothing worked

asfasfa      269 days ago  #

Nik      292 days ago  #
502 for 5 minutes

Guest      294 days ago  #
502 Bad gateway for an hour now.

guest      300 days ago  #
Please donate, need more money!

guest      326 days ago  #
NOT RECIEVING EMAIL With verification code

Guest      371 days ago  #

Guest      371 days ago  #

Guest      371 days ago  #

Guest      371 days ago  #

Nymphonomicon      372 days ago  #
SSL Error.
I'm tempted to just disable the frelling thing if it blocks access to a site I visit nearly everyday on a whim.

Guest      375 days ago  #
SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG for the last 8-10 hours

bub      376 days ago  #
SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG when trying to access site

NoWay Dude      380 days ago  #
Probably forgot to update a ssl certificate or something, it keeps mentioning ssl errors no matter what browser I use, chrome says ssl doesnt work and firefox says ssl is too long

Nope      380 days ago  #

guest      380 days ago  #
website out

Guest      380 days ago  #

Guest      484 days ago  #
Haven’t been able to access all day. Not sure what the deal is, considering the twitter account has been active multiple times today.

Guest      490 days ago  #
I've been out for nearly 3-4 days. Anyone else? Can't access on my PC regardless of browser or on my phone.

Guest 101      492 days ago  #
"This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset. "

Guest      493 days ago  #
None of the browsers let me access the website.

Not even on my phone.

It just tells me "This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset. "

Guest      493 days ago  #
since yesterday cannot access website.

it just gives me "This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset. "

Cumman69      522 days ago  #
Didn't know this website would have F95zone on it

Harabec      540 days ago  #
Its annoying that all the website tester pages tell me it's up and suggest to fix problems at my end when clearly it is down