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Guest      1 hour ago  # 26 June 2022
Site crashed completely again

Very annoyed customer      7 hours ago  # 25 June 2022
Still can't track my package, assistant said it's delayed but why do we pay for delivery if it doesn't come on time?

Marie      2 days ago  # 24 June 2022
The worst sick of the bad service and no way of tracking. Not fit for purpose

Rach      2 days ago  # 24 June 2022
just pathetic! Just close this courier service down. U S E L E S S. Before I order online ever again I'm checking to see if fastway is the courier used.. Def won't be ordering.

Guest      2 days ago  # 24 June 2022
Sit keeps crashing, won't even load when I search for fast way

Sylvia      2 days ago  #
Site down again it's a joke

Niamh      2 days ago  #
Site down again, haven't been able to track parcel, should of been here today

Guest      2 days ago  #
Got a text from courier this morning asking for my eircode. Sent it to them. No parcel for a few hours so I tracked it. Website had been updated HALF AN HOUR after I sent them the eircode to say "delayed because of missing info". No parcel, no more communication from courier even though I've tried to contact, and now website's down so can't even track anymore

john      3 days ago  #
same issue, but actually my package is delayed which is not something ordinary, everything before came on time

Jack      3 days ago  #
cannot track..paid money for tracking

Janine      3 days ago  #
Can't track my order

Lee      3 days ago  #
Can't track my package, site down no update

Lyndsey      4 days ago  #
Fastway online tracking can't track my number

A      31 days ago  #
Terrible service

olive      152 days ago  #
tracking not working

Evelyn      156 days ago  #
Fastway you are a waste of space and time 9pm Evelyn

JD      166 days ago  #
Why is tracking not accepting my tracking code fastway .ie isn't opening either

Ww      171 days ago  #
Tracking not working

Brandon      188 days ago  #
Tracking isn't working and they've had my parcel for over a week!

A      189 days ago  #
Tracking not working the last 3 days

Kier      201 days ago  #
Tracking not working today can't track my package!!!

Thelma      202 days ago  #
Tracking not working today can't track if my packages are to he delivered today

k fitz      248 days ago  #
tracking not working

G      248 days ago  #
Tracking not working, it just keeps reloading page.

Dan      252 days ago  #
Tracking not working?

OC      263 days ago  #
tracking does not work: keeps reloading back to the same page

GrB      266 days ago  #

Peter      277 days ago  #
Fastway are the worst courier service ever , always problems with them , tracking NEVER EVER works

Guest      304 days ago  #
Tracking not working

Michelle      306 days ago  #
Parcel tracking

Guest      324 days ago  #
Website won't load

Guest      324 days ago  #
Website wont load