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Guest      10 days ago  # 25 November 2023 + 0 -

It was the besttt

Guest      13 days ago  # 22 November 2023 + -1 -
Site is down (no sponsors for you).

Guest      15 days ago  # 20 November 2023 + 1 -

Amazing site, thank you so much. You save me thousands of dollars in theatre and subscription fees! Canada Loves you!

Rita      16 days ago  # 19 November 2023 + 0 -
Site is down (no sponsors for you it states).
Under advanced chrome protection, it says that the site uses HTSH and that hence a hacker could try to appear as Apparently Chrome"s Advanced or Standard protection protects and blocks the site (chrome says when you click on reload). And that it might be temporary. But I have no further clue at all. I am based in Africa. I hope it is temporary ,,,

Guest      16 days ago  # 19 November 2023 + 9 -
Same here seem to be down.. and no sponsors error

guest      16 days ago  # + 2 -
Same with traivs, no sponsors error, this is the message: currently does not have any sponsors for you.

Nisha      16 days ago  # + 0 -
fmovies is not working. Sometimes it happens but it works alright after a few hours but this is taking much longer. when will it be fixed?

traivs      17 days ago  # + 1 -
No Sponsors currently does not have any sponsors for you.

Guest      17 days ago  # + 0 -
Site seems to be down for me

Guest      28 days ago  # + 0 -

it lets me watch all of my favorite movies whenever i want

Guest      37 days ago  # + 0 -

It was just so good it had a huge library I’ve been so upset because every time I try to go on the site my screen just goes white. Please fix this.

Christian      47 days ago  # + 0 -
I try since a few hours to get on but it seems to be down and i don't know why.

Arlene      52 days ago  # + 1 -
i went to and it was slow to load also. I found out that has changed and it is updated to and it is working.

Guest      71 days ago  # + 0 -
Server still down and has been all year and most of last fix this as it is super super annoying as its been over a year!!!!!

Guest      93 days ago  # + 1 -

Server always gets down

Arlene      123 days ago  # + 0 -
I am not happy.

Guest      159 days ago  # + 0 -

Can see

Guest      166 days ago  # + 1 -

It's not working

you      254 days ago  # + 0 -
When i try to watch the roookie season 1 it doesnt load it just gives me a error

Guest      264 days ago  # + 0 -

great site'']

Christian      297 days ago  # + -2 -
Refresh issues
The website has a problem, every time i watch a tv show, the website is refreshing itself and the episode is going back at the begining. It needs to be fixed wright now!!!