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frz      199 days ago  # 12 March 2022
i just came back from boarding school and got error on that site, i'm very sad now

frz      199 days ago  # 12 March 2022
what happen with hackthissite.org arghhh someone please tell me

Mazzo      202 days ago  # 9 March 2022
503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.

Poopy hacker      232 days ago  # 7 Feb 2022
bruv its just that the site got hacked again

H4ckers876 Mother      235 days ago  # 4 Feb 2022
Please don't be so mean to your kid

H4ckers876 Father      238 days ago  #
H4cker876... yeah right... and you did this while learning to clean your butt?
Lol... I bet you are just a dumb kid that thinks he is a hacker just because he knows how to put 1:00 in the microwave.

H4cker876      251 days ago  #
Good Luck getting this site back up. I reworked the whole server and http server. Even the dev can't access the server. lmao what did y'all think would happen when you put up a vulnerable website that would lead to more exploits. Eventually this would happen.

N3mo      253 days ago  #
is just saying An error is occurred. Please contact to a devloper for now over 1 week

Unknown      254 days ago  #
An error is occurred. Please contact to a devloper

Bladee_enjoyer_420      255 days ago  #
nothing on the site except error

nemo      255 days ago  #
this site is just giving errors

cat      257 days ago  #
bruv its just saying error over and over again