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Travel across 33 countries in Europe with the best and cheapest rail pass in Europe for Europeans. Take the first step of your epic European train travel and explore the beauties of Europe with Interrail.

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Taran      7 days ago  # 20 May 2022
The seat reservations aren't working for me at all ffs

jjdddd      11 days ago  # 15 May 2022
have had the following all day

Service Unavailable
We are busy performing maintenance on our website to make your experience better. Try reloading the page, or come back later.

HTTP error 503

Cookie      15 days ago  # 11 May 2022
I'm unable to enter the booking system
Is interrail down?

AM      15 days ago  # 11 May 2022
Works perfectly! About 15min after your purchase confirmation you receive an e-mail with the details of your pass and can login to the InterRail and Railplanner App.

xy      16 days ago  # 11 May 2022
ok i trust you guys :D

B      16 days ago  #
@R it should be compatible...looks like a normal Interrail pass & number

Em      16 days ago  #
Yes. They send you a code to activate pass via Railplanner app. They are an approved seller for eurail.

xyz      16 days ago  #
it's not fake: check this page from interrail itself:

R      16 days ago  #
Do you know if you can add the Allaboard interrail pass to the Railplanner app? Are they compatible?

B      16 days ago  #
yes, pass arrived just now by E-mail, Thanks God!!!

Em      16 days ago  #
I did it...just got passes emailed from Allaboard

drrfrrf      16 days ago  #
looks fake

xy      16 days ago  #
did it work? you got your passes emailed to you?

B      16 days ago  #
It is a Swedish company.
you can find out more here:

B      16 days ago  #

C      16 days ago  #
The link is sure?

B      16 days ago  #
This link worked!

A      16 days ago  #

A      16 days ago  #

try this website. it works fine.

running according to schedule      16 days ago  #


You are not allowed to access this page.
HTTP error 403

fakop      16 days ago  #
been trying for two hours to get a pass, getting irritated

refugees not welcome      16 days ago  #
down if you sth into the basket

Mathias      16 days ago  #
Site doesn't work. Wonder if its going to work till 6 am!
What can we do?

damian      16 days ago  #
still doesent work. Wonder if its going to work till 6 am!

maru      16 days ago  #
Twitter: Unfortunately, due to the heavy traffic related to this sale, our website has been facing issues over the last few days. If you still have issues, we recommend to leave the website and come back later. We have extended the end of the Promo to 6 am CET to help decrease traffic!