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The ISC is the best place on the Internet to play Scrabble in a relaxed friendly environment. You can compete at your own level while meeting new people and making friends from around the world.

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Dennis      12 days ago  # 16 September 2022
Haven't been able to get on for 4 days. Anyone else.

Jess      20 days ago  # 8 September 2022
Unable to connect to the site to play though the website is working

JD      20 days ago  # 8 September 2022
why does this site go down so often? Seems every month now it goes out for a day

Paul Kurtz      20 days ago  # 8 September 2022
been down all day......

Ramesh Amin      20 days ago  # 8 September 2022
I am unable to log into ISC.RO the wheel keeps spinning after I enter my credentials.

rita jensen      30 days ago  #
Why does it say ISC RO is on the backup server and i cannot get anyone to play against me?

newnana09      34 days ago  #
Haven't been able to log in yesterday evening (8/24) or this morning (8/25). I wish there was some way to tell if it's just me or the site!

sonia ipswich      34 days ago  #
Hi .. i cannot log in to the ISC site. I am in ipswich UK 10am 25th august

Sue      42 days ago  #
the message connection closed comes up when I try to sign into the isc-ro, any ideas as to address this?

maria      135 days ago  #
cannot log in Tel Aviv

njd      136 days ago  #
oh, no! what are we going to do???

G      136 days ago  #
ISC says there is a server issue today - registering as no games in progress, can't log in. 15.05 22.

SerpensV      283 days ago  #
I have been trying to log in since yesterday evening , still not working

Monkeysee      283 days ago  #
Cannot log on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DR      283 days ago  #
Cannot log on

Coffee      283 days ago  #
Cannot get in tho I am paying member

Amanda Irving      283 days ago  #
Just paid my dues too, but so often it's not working. I also can't get in touch with Carol ( who's the creator/boss of the place). Tried sending messages via the message link on the site but I've not had any reply.

Harriette Lakernick      283 days ago  #
why is it every time this site is down, offer NO EXPLANATION or approximation of how long the problem will last. And it also has too many Saturday breakdowns - why?

Guest      411 days ago  #
Less than 300 games in progress - very low

Guest      411 days ago  #
Same here - cannot log in