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krystina LeChat      202 days ago  # 12 March 2023 + 0 -
Lately I've not getting powercores and some of the other bonus items like character shards and such on the calendar daily when it's available. Like yesterday or day before was 75 and nope didn't pop. I've been on this game basically every day too... And when close to leveling character, finding equipment or shards is almost impossible at times, I try n be patient, but sometimes it's months even using powercore to find them.its frustrating though I love the game. I can't sign in today I just have a black screen on the website I've tried numerous times.

John lewis (moistnugget)      203 days ago  # 11 March 2023 + 0 -
Ripped off once again
So purchased an offer off yesterday and since the purchase I'm unable to load into the website at all. Starts to load up then goes totally black and stops loading up. Un able to get my purchase so wasted money there, also so many bugs with spending power cores and not getting the bonuses and the free stuff on the store only gives 75% of them. Never been so let down by a game, I've had better times from indie games and better support. I've made several complaints over the course of playing the game and that's for around 3 years and never once have you had the decency to reply back to me or sort out what the problems were. It's supposed to be a marvel game which is a multi million pound franchise and scopely just take the biscuits out of all they're users. You all should be disgusted and ashamed of yourselves. What a load of crap, never will I spend any money on this hunk of crap again in my life.

Guest1      203 days ago  # 11 March 2023 + 0 -
You are not wrong
Couldnt agree more been down for over 15 hours for me now, scopely is all about scalping customers for every penny they can and time and again prove they couldn't care less about their customers.

Guest      298 days ago  # 5 December 2022 + 2 -

You forced us to sign on... You made it to where you can't play the game unless you sign on..
Well guess what it don't work it won't even load the page just like was as soon as you ported everybody over here went down marvel strike Force is the worst run mobile game I've ever seen in my life