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Joseph      7 hours ago  # 30 November 2021
Attempting to pay, but as it says its processing, I get a blocked pop-up on my screen and the page is stuck loading. I've refreshed and luckily so far it hasn't taken money from previous attempted payments but damn just let me buy over-priced tickets for the new Spider-Man movie lol

Kiki      17 days ago  # 13 November 2021
Payment taken, no booking appearing on my bookings page on app or when I log in through website and have not received an email confirmation of booking!!
It also took me about half an hour to book in the first place as I had to keep refreshing page

Dee      42 days ago  # 19 October 2021
Payment taken but booking failed and no tickets

guest      49 days ago  # 12 October 2021
Uploading photo does not work when trying to create limitless account

Baylin      49 days ago  # 12 October 2021
Can't log onto my limitless account.
Tried the correct information.

MariaH      52 days ago  #
Repeatedly getting oops there is a problem error message trying to pay

S G      53 days ago  #
Payment processing not working on app or website

Matt B      53 days ago  #
Website /App - Payment Processing and Lloyds cinema ticket vouchers all not working

Clifford Bacon      53 days ago  #
Payment processing down

Carol Ann Duffy      62 days ago  #
Slow, slow, slow then finally "restart order..."

Lee-Anne Duffy      62 days ago  #
The app isn’t loading it just stays on the Odeon logo and doesn’t load. I was trying to looking for screening times and tickets ????

Ben      62 days ago  #
The film I want to watch starts in 20 minutes, and I can’t book limitless tickets. Unfortunately gonna miss out on this one

Guest      62 days ago  #
Problems logging in, unable to book tickets - times out. Come on Odeon, update this site - every time a big film comes out its the same!

Guest      62 days ago  #
No app or website access

Guest      63 days ago  #
Website not working along with apps.

Guest      63 days ago  #
App not working and website not being able to pick seats

Ap      63 days ago  #
app and website

Guest      63 days ago  #
App and website down?

Guest      63 days ago  #
App and website both not loading / slow to load. Seems to happen regularly for Odeon.

Richie      76 days ago  #
On android app and desktop site, it freezes on the seat picker. When refreshed it says sorry theres been a issue or aomething along those lines. Since 11am it's now 11pm.

Simon      78 days ago  #
On android & PC page doesn't load properly, freezes, becomes unresponsive. About 3 days now. On twitter Odeon tell me it's fine.

Guest      84 days ago  #
The app and website don’t seem to be working for making bookings and you can’t see availability.

Guest      170 days ago  #

Twitter Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports from Twitter:

@ODEONHelp   @farhanball Hi there, we had some server issues last night due to online traffic unfortunately. Every ODEON now has it on sale - https://t.co/kOownikPnY - Ollie read the source
20 hours ago   29 November 2021

@O2   @Caina07Adam Hi Adam, please try accessing the Odeon website from an alternative browser or device https://t.co/h2SjTC4Yn9 If you continue to have issues, please drop us a DM with a screenshot of the error you see please https://t.co/5pyLDJBC6r read the source
25 days ago   5 November 2021