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Anon-fix-your-site-now      2 days ago  # 24 June 2022
Literally one specific python script won’t run at all… installs packages/dependencies and then freezes when it was executing fine the night before. No changes were made but my one specific project won’t run. Others work fine

anonymech      2 days ago  # 23 June 2022 editor is down again

1+1 cents      4 days ago  # 21 June 2022
In devtools, its saying error 400 (bad request)

1+1 cents      4 days ago  # 21 June 2022
None of my repls will load, keeps saying "Failed to connect, retrying"

down      15 days ago  # 11 June 2022

kris      15 days ago  #
Keeps saying "Failed to connect, retrying"

2 cents      15 days ago  #
Replit is down again. Unable to access the repo

Burvy Fonion      60 days ago  #
replit is down
none of my projects are even starting to load

2 cents      65 days ago  #
2 cents is still down. None of the admin links provided work

kr      66 days ago  # is down

Codepossum      66 days ago  #
the IDE wont load

Jonathan      109 days ago  #
My high school class is really struggling with this. Students are losing both work and time.

John Doe(I think?)      109 days ago  #
Won't load. I cleared the catche and everything. I don't know what to do

random name      109 days ago  #
site not loading

name      118 days ago  #
Repls not loading!!!

Hemant      120 days ago  #
f*** replit... i was so close to finishing that project....

roland      120 days ago  #
Programs are running extremely slow

bob      130 days ago  #
it crash hamburer t

name      130 days ago  #
2 cents

Jim      130 days ago  #
Replit not loading

guest      130 days ago  #

Rohit      285 days ago  #

Guest      285 days ago  #
repls currently down

2 cents      290 days ago  #
failed to connect halfway through coding

Guest      291 days ago  #
Programs are running extremely slow and constantly shut down without reason.

Guest      311 days ago  #

El      311 days ago  #

Zamir      311 days ago  #
error 500

Informer      311 days ago  #

A guy      311 days ago  #

random user      311 days ago  #
error code 500

guest      311 days ago  #
website down

artkabis      313 days ago  #
My profil page generate : 404 This page could not be found.

Guest      332 days ago  #
"Failed to connect, retrying"

Guest      390 days ago  #
its not working again, this is way too common now and when it works its always too slow

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@teachingpython   @DoomFinger Yes! Colab has been a bit of trouble. Have you checked out Trinket they have some online editorCapabilities plus some tutorials. And is our go to when kids have issues with downloads. read the source
128 days ago   17 Feb 2022

@navilan is fantastic. I love it. But, I don't like it as a teaching environment (especially for children). Has sync issues, takes too long to lint / compile(typescript). Switching to Atom/VS code soon for my classes. Planning to give @wallabyjs a quick shot. read the source
393 days ago   29 May 2021