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S cline      72 days ago  # 12 July 2023 + 3 -
I can't access account page it says not fount last night it said it would be available today

Student      111 days ago  # 3 June 2023 + 0 -
SNHU log-in
I wiped my cache and followed all recommended steps but it wasn't working...until now. Just got into my account, finally. Definitely had to have been an issue on their end.

Student      111 days ago  # 3 June 2023 + 0 -
Been trying for over two hours, not working. Located in Korea, but even with US vpn not working

SNHU NH student      111 days ago  # 3 June 2023 + 0 -
I cannot login either. I am on hold with IT for past 20 minutes. We had thunderstorms last night. I wonder if it is related to that.

April Parks      111 days ago  # 3 June 2023 + 0 -
I am getting the same error message. I have been on hold for the help desk for 57 minutes.

Deb Mac      111 days ago  # + 2 -
I aso can't log in to get assignments completed.

Student in NH      111 days ago  # + 1 -
So what's the fix??
Has SNHU given us the students an answer??
Can't log in to get homework done.... Hope professors are aware provide an extension on assignments!!

student in VA      111 days ago  # + 1 -
I'm getting the same error, i do all my homework on the weekends!!!!! ahhh!!!

Raymond Miller      111 days ago  # + 0 -
I am getting the same issue. SNHU site not working. It’s that AADSTS50011 issue

Cheryl Merino      111 days ago  # + 0 -
I can't login
I'm getting this message Message: AADSTS50011: The reply URL '
I am on hold with IT for about 10 minutes, also waiting for someone to respond to IT virtual assistant.

Cary Zandy      111 days ago  # + 0 -
SNHU site not working
Request Id: 262dbd95-2c41-471c-916b-d7e2943d8201
Correlation Id: 9b43e7e0-f635-4d9f-8f3e-2124a93dc1ae
Timestamp: 2023-06-03T11:48:15Z
Message: AADSTS50011: The reply URL '' specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application ''. Make sure the reply URL sent in the request matches one added to your application in the Azure portal. Navigate to to learn more about how to fix this.

shalynn cline      111 days ago  # + 1 -
I cannot log in either

Student      111 days ago  # + 0 -
Me Too! Thanks!

Student      111 days ago  # + 2 -
I can't get in either. I'm glad its not just me though.

Student      111 days ago  # + 1 -
Unable to log in
Can confirm despite the SNHU operations status page saying it is up, I have been unable to log in all night and get the same message ID: AADSTS50011

Student      111 days ago  # + 7 -
I am also getting the message ID AADSTS50011 when trying to log in to the student portal.

Sam      111 days ago  # + 3 -
I cannot sign in to the mysnhu portal to access brightspace or anything else for that matter. I have been on hold with the help service line for 10 min now. This is the message ID that I am getting AADSTS50011.