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JS.      2 days ago  # 15 Jan 2022
"Similar items" section at the bottom of file pages no longer working.

bastian      3 days ago  # 14 Jan 2022
still not working

Guest      85 days ago  # 25 October 2021
seems like only certain servers are down, the site itself works fine, but Account Settings and some specific items aren't working

GhostWriter      120 days ago  # 19 September 2021
From Brewster Kahlebv's Twitter:
Power outage at an
datacenter that is knocking out and No estimated time of repair yet. :(

Stefano      149 days ago  # 21 August 2021
same as MankyMania, sadly

MankyMania      150 days ago  #
Ok seriously!! Is no one anywhere going to discuss disappearing off the internet!!? is working, but doesn't exist (according to all my browsers) and only loads a blank White screen. Wich is why this site is reporting up and running. Why am I the only one mentioning this? I text my friend to connect just in case its on my end and he is also not able to connect to the Web archive! He is on virgin & I'm on BT so its not a ban! Anything would be good?

Archive user      206 days ago  #
Access to the site is blocked. What should I do? When the time of my BAN expires? Any solution how to solve it? Thanks

Anonymous      253 days ago  #

MemeKing      450 days ago  #
hehe reports go BRRRRRRRRRR

boomer255252      450 days ago  #
leafy i like ya cut g IT WENT BOPm

Bfdi man      450 days ago  #
FIREYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy CHALOE

gate      450 days ago  #

lebh      450 days ago  #
it wont load wtfffffffff

Jack B.      450 days ago  #
it crashed

snowflake boiii      450 days ago  #

Kate      450 days ago  #
fail while trying to find old websites

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