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Singapore, North West 121
Chicago, Illinois 17
Seattle, Washington 11
New York 10
Sacramento, California 8
Atlanta, Georgia 7
Portland, Oregon 7
Pawtucket, Rhode Island 6
Houston, Texas 5
Oakland, California 5
Reports also come from these locations:
The Bronx, New York; Miami, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, District of Columbia; St Albans, England; Baltimore, Maryland; San Jose, California; Newark, California; Stockton, California; Eugene, Oregon; Denver, Colorado; Coatesville, Pennsylvania; Boston, Massachusetts; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Hayward, California.

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Van      7 days ago  # 29 June 2022
Ya know....This has been happening waaay to often, its like every other day now and im tired of it! I pay for THIS??!! I think its time to shop around. They're Not the "only kid in town" anymore!!

Van      7 days ago  # 29 June 2022
Thats what they told me yesterday. Today 6/29/22 it is STILL kicking in and out!! (Petersburg Va) But in a sad way, its good to know im not the only one with issues

CelticScorp      7 days ago  # 29 June 2022
It took these morons at Xfinity, 30 minutes and 3 people later to tell me that there was maintenance on the website today, 6/29/22. I was told it would be up in an hour, that was 2 hours ago. Still can't get on the website.

Chxpodre17      12 days ago  # 24 June 2022
Xfinity on that BS tonight

Chxpodre17      12 days ago  # 24 June 2022
f*** Xfinity

anne      17 days ago  #
Internet is slow.

Khank      25 days ago  #
Email not working. Won't sync after last night. Is there a problem in the dc area

Kari      55 days ago  #
Is internet down in burnsville area

T      63 days ago  #
Service has been down for 10 hrs now in WA

CarCar      74 days ago  #
Minneapolis area, Internet goes out for a couple minutes couple times an hour at least & cable cuts out briefly constantly for past few weeks.

Ian Lan      74 days ago  #
In Belmont CA. Cannot login to Xfinity or any of our email accounts. This is on all of our accounts using Edge, Chome, Firefox, Yahoo and Safari. Comcast !@$#s

Patty Heller      75 days ago  #
I am a Concord, Ca. Xfinity TV subscriber. Right now (4-21-22 @ 9:04 am) there is NO picture on any channel, only descriptions. What's going on?

Jim Martin      82 days ago  #
Xfinity customer service is the absolute worst I’ve ever dealt with

,,;;      90 days ago  #
Internet Xfinity down due to a G1 minor solar storm activity on the sun

WhatIsGoingOn      91 days ago  #
Xfinity not working in houston tx ;(

WhySoSlow      103 days ago  #
Issues for 2 days in north west Louisiana, download will slow down SLIGHTLY but upload speeds drop to 0.5 or even 0.1 megabits per second constantly. Either this needs a fix or this is gonna make me swap to Suddenlink.

Fuck u      105 days ago  #
Bruh fix the f***ing internet already this is ridiculous , NOTTINGHAM MD INTERNET STILL DOWN

Rebecca Byerly      107 days ago  #
Horrible interface service in Orem, Utah! Constantly down and no pay channels! Starting to hate Comcast Xfinity! I’m paying way to much for so many issues!

Matt      108 days ago  #
Video works but no sound on streaming?

D renoll      116 days ago  #
Comcast service dow.n again      118 days ago  #
It's always good to check a few sites to see if Xfinity is down. Here's another place you can do that:

Peggy      118 days ago  #
Internet in Florence al is not good always going down.

J      119 days ago  #
Xfinity in CO is absolute trash. Worst internet service I’ve had since 2010. Xfinitys network in 2022 is like Roadrunners over a decade ago. Absolute trash internet service, not sure what the hell their engineers are doing to create such a shit network but hire some people who know what they’re f***ing doing.

Joan      120 days ago  #
Tv outage, channels 6 and 10 in Montgomeryville, pa

cbs3      121 days ago  #
slow as shit, per usual in pierce county WA

fuck you      124 days ago  #
yall must live in a shitty area of y'all are poor as f***

Mido      125 days ago  #
Xfinity is down every 2 mins in Fort Lauderdale

Andy      125 days ago  #
Nothing works on east coast. Xfinity is so garbage. Bet Ukraine has better service.

Tosst      125 days ago  #
Nothing in northern Marin

Connie      126 days ago  #
Internet down in Rochester

Eral      126 days ago  # dead, since about 10 am. No TV, Internet still up in Santa Clara CA.

K Richards      126 days ago  #
Tv not working, customer service not working, and xfinity login not working! Portland, or

#TRUTH      127 days ago  #
femboys are so hot

Jasmine      127 days ago  #
I've been trying to schedule my payment for my monthly bill and I cannot seem to be able to sign in. It just keeps loading...this has been happening for almost week now

Fred      130 days ago  #
Internet down in La Marque TX

Guest      131 days ago  #
Tried to change my service plan and last stop won't load and verify changes...just keeps scrolling until it times out and nothing gets changed on my account.

Guest      258 days ago  #
Xfinity “my account” not loading

Nathan mercer      259 days ago  #
Xfinity app not working today 10/20/21

Mimi      275 days ago  #
Wi-Fi off since 300 am Sunday morn . Rye NH????

Guest      318 days ago  #
Comcast internet is down. To let us know that they are aware of the problem and working on it will be so much better than to say we have no reports of problems when it is obvious that it is out in my whole neighborhood. ZIP code 94610

Guess      374 days ago  #
Website takes forever to load. Most of the time in doesn't. took too long to respond. Can't log in to use anything or check emails. On demand freezes every five seconds. Been happening for two months now.

Greg Park Philadelphia      397 days ago  #
Logging into Xfinity account is very slow. Pages are not loading.

Jericho      409 days ago  #
Internet randomly went off line.

John      409 days ago  #
outage in Jericho VT

Daniel      413 days ago  #
Xfinity Prepaid app stuck on infinite loading screen

Birgitta Erikson      423 days ago  #
Saturday May 8th and Sunday May 9th ....2 days now and internet has only been online for about 6 hours out of 48 hours....ridiculous!! Kids are distance learning and can't do schoolwork due to this. Should never the kids will be marked as truant and unverified absent due to not being able to login to school!!!!!! Have had techs out 3 times....1st one replaced modem, 2nd one checked ALL the lines and connections and scheduled a 3rd one to replace a line which they didn't do cuz they said everything was reading fine- this was Friday May 7th when the 3rd set were here. I am extremely upset and disappointed with Xfinity right now.

Twitter Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports from Twitter:

@XfinitySupport   @Thom_Hartmann Hi! You can check on area issues and available updates anytime via the XFINITY My Account app and using the info located here : We would be happy to check as well, but we would need your full name and street address via DM to do so. Thanks! -Frank read the source
7 days ago   30 June 2022

@XfinitySupport   @season_of_gaby Hey there! Sorry to hear about the service trouble! Interruptions can be caused by a variety of reasons, including but not limited to storms. ETAs can also change if new issues arise while we make repairs. You can check the status of any interruption here read the source
13 days ago   24 June 2022

@XfinitySupport   @King_Moos_ This definitely isn't the experience that we want for you as our valued customer! You are able to check on any potential area service issues by using our Xfinity Status Center at Please DM us anytime, and we can also look into this for you. -Alfonso read the source
15 days ago   22 June 2022

@XfinitySupport   @TabbyMa95791594 I know how important services are, and we are here to help you. We have great website to check into service issues I can also check into the issue for you. May I get your full name and address via DM? -Danny read the source
16 days ago  

@Robert76907841   @aspiringpeasant Sometimes there are DNS issues w xfin/cmcast.The might have substitute/backup urls to put into router read the source
17 days ago  

@XfinitySupport   @StabbyJustice Oh no! This is not the experience we want for anyone! Using the Xfinity Status Center you're able to view your connection status, fix service issues, and check for local service interruptions. Learn more here. -ThomasA read the source
27 days ago  

@XfinitySupport   @will15462589 Hello! We know how important it is to have working services and our team works as quickly as they can to get you back up and running. You can always stay up to date through your Xfinity My Account App or through the online Status Center: -ChelseaB read the source
28 days ago  

@XfinitySupport   @MBBMichigan Thank you for reaching out to us here about checking an area for service interruptions. You can always visit to view the status of your services and equipment as well as troubleshoot any issues. - EmilyB read the source
28 days ago  

@XfinitySupport   @jgaiter There is a way to request a credit online, and we will check to see if you are eligible! Visit the link: I would be happy to look at your account and see what is going on. Send me a DM with your name and service address. -Dena read the source
32 days ago  

@XfinitySupport   @GeorgeBruckJr1 We have options to check service interruptions with MyAccount app or the Xfinity Status Center at The way to request a credit online to see if you are eligible! Visit the link: Send a DM so I can see what is going on. -Dena https://t. read the source
32 days ago  

@FoodBevMedia   @XfinitySupport your xfinity iPad app for DVR, has issues w freezing shows on Bravo. Every time I record a show it freezes up on iPad about 10 minutes into show. Been happening for 6+ months & have to watch on actual tv to view. Others report same read the source
35 days ago  

@mbecker712   RT @ComcastCheats: @tomkarinshak where are the solutions to the unreliable products, terrible service & billing issues? #CONCAST @comcast # read the source
37 days ago  

@ForMySay   @ClarkHoward @DSLReports @ConsumerReports#CordCutters read the source
39 days ago  

@ForMySay   @ClarkHoward @DSLReports @ConsumerReportsWhen considering @Xfinity's Flex, please bare in mind that @XfinitySupport as been aware for more than a month that #BlueTooth was not working for many of their customers with no fix. Despite daily updates. read the source
39 days ago  

@FM200Bucks   RT @BucksEhs: Report issues regarding TV/Phone/Internet Outages: @VerizonSupport (1-800-837-4966) read the source
40 days ago  

@BucksEhs   Report issues regarding TV/Phone/Internet Outages: @VerizonSupport (1-800-837-4966)@XfinitySupport (1-800-934-6489) read the source
40 days ago  

@XfinitySupport   @salesman_hotdog On my end it is showing it started as an unplanned event and our local team is working to make improvements as quickly as possible. There is a way to request a credit online, and we will check to see if you are eligible! Visit the link: -Dena read the source
41 days ago  

@Xfinity   @mbishop54 Sounds like a System Refresh is in order. This is a multi-check, self-help tool that can fix common account and TV Box issues. To get started you can say "System Refresh" into your Xfinity Voice Remote or try a system refresh online: . read the source
42 days ago  

@Xfinity   @crodjr66 Hi! If you're having issues with dead spots in your home, you may want to look into xFi Pods. Check them out here: read the source
51 days ago  

@shortforCJ   Xfinity outage for at least another 30 min in upcounty Montgomery County, MDcan get text updates but have to sign in: read the source
54 days ago