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Juan Mauricio      7 days ago  # 17 November 2020
its not letting me join a class

Randy      7 days ago  # 17 November 2020
Where are you located?

DapperLS      7 days ago  # 17 November 2020
Same, Zoom is working for me but we have no choice. DONT LEARN or be in a data breach. not my choice

Kizzie      7 days ago  # 17 November 2020
Not letting me join. Not letting me open app. notletting me open website

Fornost      7 days ago  # 17 November 2020
Zoom works fine now though I'm using the same wifi spot. Seems like a good wifi spot to me.

_Flip_Floop_      8 days ago  #
Bad Wifi?

_Flip_Floop_      8 days ago  #
If your talking about zoom, witch im pretty sure you are... We have to, at least ,i have to. AnyWaYs, when i do zoom it dont steal any info cuz i dont give any of my info to websites that i dont trust or truley hate. :)

J4      8 days ago  #
why tf are ya’ll using a website or app that steals your information??

kxtieee      8 days ago  #
zoom is not letting me join my class!

Ahrixii      8 days ago  #
over 92000 ping, everything is frozen except chrome and my mouse.

doyun Lee      8 days ago  #

doyun Lee      8 days ago  #
Wow zoom doesn't even let me launch meeting anymore

Jorge      8 days ago  #
Zoom is constantly freezing and lots of echos. Our students are currently being dropped from our zoom class. Los Angeles CA area.

DapperLS      8 days ago  #
It has hasnt it?

DapperLS      8 days ago  #
Zoom works fine for me on school only thing is every once in a while it will freeze saying my internet is unstable but i have 115 down and 130 up so there wrong

Alan      8 days ago  #
Chat is not showing AT ALL, cant even use the shortcut to try and open it.

Guest      8 days ago  #

Guest      8 days ago  #

Guest      8 days ago  #
General Outage

Guest      8 days ago  #

SmarkHenry signs with WH      9 days ago  #
Good connection on both ends, but both of us keep going into red bars with bad lag.

Ananymous ;)      11 days ago  #
Go to system preferences, goto security and privacy, click "camera", and click the small lock in the corner, enter in your password, click the checkbox next to zoom, and click the lock again.

CrimsonBlade      11 days ago  #
Can't join meeting rn!!!

🖕🏻Spontaneous combustion 🖕🏻      12 days ago  #
Google deeznutz nobody that crusty watch from taiwan

Mike Oxmol      12 days ago  #
That's because you're using a macbook.

Meredith      12 days ago  #
Took a long time to join the meeting, but then the window froze and I couldn't get anything to work. Was able to join the meeting on my phone, but then that meant I couldn't show any of the important information that was on my computer. So frustrating. Had to turn my classes into asynchronous classes for the day.

Ananymous ;)      12 days ago  #

Tom McDonnell      12 days ago  #
On MacBook Pro. Couldn't join my class and Zoom seemed frozen for periods. Restarted computer and that eventually resolved that though joining remained glitchy. Students could see my screen and hear me but could not hear audio from videos I was showing. Checked and rechecked all settings and everything looked correct, same settings I've used all term.

ssssss      12 days ago  #
its always been like this

Jennifer Clark      12 days ago  #
The update with Zoom is awkward. I have to click twice to enter/exit full screen. But the bigger issue is the update messed with the Whiteboard. It has a glitch where when you touch it, it draws a line across the page that you didn't draw. I know it's zoom because I can draw in other programs just fine. I hope a fix is coming!

Anonymous      12 days ago  #
Audio is completely glitched and crashes meeting.

Samar Elatta      12 days ago  #
On macbook and video won't turn on.

annymous      12 days ago  #
One common error code is 5003 or 5004 and that relates to a network connectivity issue. that may be the problem

Annymous      12 days ago  #
One common error code is 5003 or 5004 and that relates to a network connectivity issue.

Annymous      12 days ago  #
I can't even get IN my meeting

Judy      12 days ago  #
Audio isn't working in my zoom classes 😅

Judy      12 days ago  #
Audio isn't working in my classes 😅

nicoleta      12 days ago  #
I keep getting kicked out then having to reconnect zoom!!!!!

u gay?      12 days ago  #
that happening to me kinda

suzanneshaps      13 days ago  #
On second zoom call in MA where audio is intermittently and frequently cutting out, and video is freezing, and not not necessarily at the same time.

Mandi Thines      13 days ago  #
I live in AR and it runs really slow and then stops responding.

Name      13 days ago  #
I keep getting kicked out then having to reconnect zoom please fix!

alekey      14 days ago  #
please fix

alekey      14 days ago  #
i can't log in

Martin      14 days ago  #
I cant conect with Zoom in the iPad

Jolie      14 days ago  #
What issues is everyone having today?

KatsDiscoBall      18 days ago  #
Error 502 Bad Gateway, either standalone desktop or Okta SSO

james      18 days ago  #
it just gives an error 1001 no one can get in to zoom meetings

Fornost      18 days ago  #
Cannot join. Stuck at "Connecting...".

gtaprokills      19 days ago  #
One, you need to have your zoom already open (let it log you in first!), then join a meeting. Two if you see "Waiting for host to start the meeting" or "Please wait the host will let you in soon", You will need to leave then rejoin that meeting. Hope this helps!

mikedewey      19 days ago  #
We had a brief issue where our Zoom session disconnected briefly an everyone reconnected. About 60 people on the "call".

Denise Veerapen      19 days ago  #
License issue. our zoom account license changed from PRO to BASIC! we pay for 70+ licenses why are they now basic license. this causes a number of issues for us. fix asap!!!

gtaprokills      20 days ago  #
There has been a bug for meetings I join, every couple minutes chat somewhat gets reset. Has anyone seen this too?

Dee Carlin Bullock      20 days ago  #
People aren't showing up in the Waiting room to log in even though on their computer it says Waiting for host to start the meeting.

Shane Manier      21 days ago  #
Keeps saying that there is no account for that email - tried EVERYTHING, logging in with google, facebook, everything - and even went back through my emails and found where yep, I signed up for the account using that email. And, I bought a paid plan in March. Couldn't get anyone to help me whatsoever. It's like zoom just completely erased my entire account when I've been using it every week since March! If I open up a new paid account and zoom hits me with 2 bills, I am seeking out a claim.

Cynthia Ousey      21 days ago  #
Issues with staggering video which eventually goes frozen; issues with sound echoing, sound like tin cans with string. This morning, November 3, 2020 8:00 AM CST USA

Martin      21 days ago  #
In Argentina i cant connect with zoom