How do I stop my child from playing Roblox?

Seriously, what are the options?

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I know, there are a lot of ways you can do that like

  1. Kill the child
  2. Paralyze your child
  3. Destroy all Roblox server buildings via terrorist bombing
  4. Introduce a virus into the Roblox servers and cripple them
  5. Cut off your child’s internet access
  6. Smash every last one of your child’s electronic devices into smithereens
  7. Destroy the planet
  8. Hire hitmen to shoot your child if he touches Roblox ever again
  9. But you are so eager to see this done, you only thought about whether you could, not whether you should…

If you try to stop him from playing Roblox, he will most likely circumvent those measures that you put in place. You could of course harshen the punishment and restrictions, but that is unfeasible since that would severely damage your relationship with your child.
Any advice will be much appreciated!