Zalora promo code not working?

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Zalora promo code not working?

Doesn't activate, doesn't apply, or another problem with discount code?
I have a problem with Zalora promo code

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Why doesn't the Zalora promo code apply?

If, when activating a Zalora promo code, you received the message “This promo code does not exist or has already been used,” then the promo code cannot be applied.

The promo code may have expired. Check the promo code's expiration date to make sure it is still valid.

Promotional codes may be case sensitive: make sure you enter the promotional code in the correct case (lowercase or all caps).

A promotional code may not be compatible with other promotions or discounts. Some promotional codes cannot be used in combination with other promotions or discounts, so make sure the promotional code you are trying to use does not conflict with another offer.

Coupon code may not be accepted in your region: Targeted promotional codes may be region limited, so make sure you are in the correct region for the coupon code.

Please note: the Zalora promo code not working may be due to a general outage on the site. Check below if is working normally or having problems today: status: NO ISSUES

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