Microphone Test

This online mic test will help check if your microphone is up and running as well as properly configured.

How to start your test?

1 Hit the 'play' button.

2 Click 'allow' if you see a popped up question in the browser.

3 Speak into the mic loudly enough - the line should start shaking!

We highly value your privacy.
All the tests are run in the browser - we DO NOT RECORD your voice or any other information on our server.

The mic testing area

Waiting for microphone...

If you see the line is reacting to sounds - then your mic works!

3 alternative ways to test a microphone on a computer

To make sure that the connected microphone is working, whether it is working correctly, whether the necessary settings have been set up, you need to know how to test the microphone on the computer. There are three main ways to do this.

1 Check mic by means of Windows OS

The first, fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to test your microphone is working with Windows components. Windows provides the ability to configure and test the microphone. You can test the microphone using live broadcast, sensitivity indicator, and sound recording.

After making sure the microphone is turned on, you need to do the following:

1. First you need to open the "Control Panel" on your computer,

2. Select "Hardware and Sound",

3. Click "Sound".

4. In the window that opens, there is a "Recording" tab. This tab contains devices used to record sound.

5. Click on the "Microphone" device, a window opens with information about the microphone, and its parameters.

6. Next, open the "Listen" tab.

7. To start listening to the microphone, you need to check the "Listen from this device" checkbox and click OK.

8. After that, you need to say something into the microphone to hear your voice.

It should be noted here that while listening to the microphone, it is necessary that the speakers work, otherwise the voice will not be heard.

But it also happens that the sound output devices are not connected to the computer, in this case it is also possible to check the microphone. To do this, go back to the "Recording" tab. There is a special sensitivity scale to the right of the microphone. If the microphone is working, then as the volume of sounds recognized by the microphone is loud, green stripes will light up - thereby you will at least check the performance of the microphone, because if it does not work, the indicator will always show gray stripes. However, with such a test, it will be impossible to understand exactly how the microphone works and what else needs to be adjusted for better sound quality.

2 Mic test through sound recording

In addition to the standard tools, Windows has a sound recording option with which you can also check the performance of your microphone.

To do this, you need to click "Start", "All Programs", "Standard", "Sound Recorder". A small window will open, where there is only one button - "Start recording". We click on it and say something into the microphone.

Then we click "Stop recording", and we are asked to indicate the path to save the recording. Next, we save the file, follow the specified path, open it and listen to the sound quality.

3 Mic check via Skype

Skype has two methods to check if mic works - fast and long. To quickly check the microphone, you just need to select any contact from the list of added ones, and click on the "Communication quality data" button. A window with microphone settings will open, where you should select your microphone from the list and click "Test". The program will record a few seconds and then play the recording.

Another way to test your microphone over Skype is to call a dedicated sound testing service. We select the contact "Echo / Sound Test Service", which is automatically added when registering an account, and click "Call".