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How to track a parcel

To track the package, you need to take a few simple steps.

  1. Go to the
  2. Enter the tracking number in the box with the heading "Tracking Number".
  3. Click on the "Track Parcel" button located to the right of the field.
  4. After a few seconds, the tracking result is displayed.
  5. Study the result, and especially carefully the last status.

Try it, it’s not difficult.

    If you don’t understand the movement between postal companies, click on the link with the text “Group by company” located under the tracking statuses.

    Carefully read the block "Information about the track code", there you will find estimated delivery times and other useful information.

    If, during tracking, a block is displayed in a red frame with the heading "Pay attention!", Carefully read everything that is written in it.

    In these information blocks, you will find 90% of the answers to all your questions.

    If in the block "Pay attention!" it is written that the track code is not tracked in the country of destination, in which case tracking parcels become impossible after the parcel is sent to the country of destination / after arriving at Moscow Distribution Center / Item Arrived at Pulkovo / Arrived in Pulkovo / Pokululo Luxembourg / Pokululo Helsinki / Sending to the Russian Federation or after a long pause of 1 - 2 weeks, it is impossible to track the location of the parcel. No way, and nowhere. In this case, you need to wait for a notification from your post office.

    If the seller promised that the parcel would arrive in two weeks, and the parcel was traveling for more than two weeks, this is normal, sellers are interested in sales, and therefore they are misleading.

    If less than 7-14 days have passed since the receipt of the track code, and the parcel is not tracked, or the seller claims that he has sent the parcel, and the parcel status "the item pre-advised" / "Received electronic notification" does not change for several days, this is normal.

    If the status of a mailing does not change for 7 to 20 days, do not worry, this is normal for international mailings.

    If your past orders arrived in 2-3 weeks, and a new package has been traveling for more than a month, this is normal, because Parcels go in different routes, in different ways, they can wait 1 day for an airplane, or maybe a week.

    If the parcel leaves the sorting center, customs, an intermediate point and there are no new statuses within 7 to 20 days, do not worry, the parcel is not a courier who takes the parcel from one city to your home. In order for a new status to appear, the parcel must arrive, unload, scan, etc. at the next sorting point or post office, and it takes much more time than just getting from one city to another.

    If, 5 days before the end of the protection period, the parcel is not delivered to your post office, you have the right to open a dispute.

    If, based on the above, you do not understand anything, we recommend that you read this manual one more time.

Terms and rules

You are on the postal tracking page for which we ask to comply with the rules.

Please read this carefully before asking a question.

General rules of communication:
  1. When writing messages, try to be as informative as possible.
  2. When asking a question, please ask a question, and not just throw a track code in a comment.
  3. If you want to receive any information about the track code, do not forget to indicate the track code itself. For questions with a track code, the answer will be given much faster than any abstract question. Please save your time and others'.
  4. Try to formulate your thoughts briefly and in such a way that they are understandable to other participants on this website. Avoid philosophizing and lyrical digressions.
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About Parcel Tracking

What is a parcel track code?

The track code, also known as the postal ID, or tracking number, is a unique code, which is assigned to each parcel, allowing you to track its movement either in the territory of one country or around the world.

What is the international UPU (Universal Postal Union) track code?
International Track Code - the format of the postal identification code agreed upon by the Universal Postal Union or UPU. Using the track code, you can monitor the parcel location anywhere in the world. Such an identifier is usually assigned when forwarding mail between countries.

The first two latin characters of the international track code indicate the type of the package.                 
The next nine digits are the unique mailing number. The nineth digit in this number is a verification number.
The last two Latin letters are the abbreviation of the country of origin.

The track code of a postal (transport, courier or logistics) company can be any combination of letters and numbers, and will only comply with the internal standards of a particular company.

For example RF595585330SG, ZA614253743LV, RO243183448RU, 80092840658820 and others.

It must be remembered that such tracks are sometimes not tracked completely all the way to the destination, but only partially. At the moment when the parcel leaves the sender's country, its tracking stops.

After export to the country of destination and customs clearance, the package will be assigned an untracked number.

The difference between the order number and the tracking number of the package

When purchasing goods in popular online stores, your order is automatically assigned a unique tracking number of the order. This is done in order to distinguish your order from other store orders.

Postal and courier companies, in turn, assign the parcel its unique tracking number - a tracking code. This is necessary in order to recognize the dispatch of your package among the packages of other people. Parcel tracking, as a rule, can only be done by the parcel tracking number.

How to find a package by tracking number quickly?

Earlier, to track the parcel by track number, it was necessary to go to the website of the sending company, which is very inconvenient. Even worse, if the parcel was delivered by several companies at once.

Now the task is greatly simplified - just enter the track code of your parcel in the tracking input field on our website and find the parcels of all involved courier companies.