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DV2180      14 days ago  # 21 November 2023 + 2 -
the website is up and running

Nn      15 days ago  # 20 November 2023 + -2 -

jo      15 days ago  # 20 November 2023 + 5 -
When I try to play a movie it doesn't play
*I hope they fix this error because the website was good *

Helen      15 days ago  # 20 November 2023 + 0 -
When clicking on what you want to watch, it says that something went wrong...for 5 days in a row now.

Roy      17 days ago  # 18 November 2023 + 2 -
Not working since last 5 days

Michael Hayes      18 days ago  # + -5 -
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Mike      18 days ago  # + 1 - stop working. Since yesterday. Anybody know why

Guest      18 days ago  # + 0 -

It not working

riz      18 days ago  # + 5 -
oops something bad happed, its not working ,.. same from last week...

Guest      18 days ago  # + 0 -

Its shut down

Ramsey Hughes      19 days ago  # + -2 -
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Mudassir Jamal      19 days ago  # + -2 -
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Guest      19 days ago  # + 11 -

im unhappy cause it wont let me watch movies just keeps saying somthing went wrong

jk      19 days ago  # + 5 -
oops something went wrong

N      19 days ago  # + 5 -
I want to watch something in but then it keep saying oops something went wrong. Please make it work.

Sad to see her die...      19 days ago  # + -1 -
I think that has reached its end ladies and gentleman. On PC it asks if I want to find an archived page on the wayback machine :'(

anonymous      20 days ago  # + 8 -
The website works until I click on a show or movie, then it displays "Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later."

Jon      20 days ago  # + 33 - video library is down.
The site seems to work until you select a specific movie or TV series title, then you get the error "Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later." This has been the case since 11/14 around 00:00-01:00 MST.

http      20 days ago  # + 6 -
site working but when I clicked on film It says something went wrong

omair and huzaifa brothers      20 days ago  # + -3 -
cry or pry i will not let be for pry
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emma      20 days ago  # + 2 -
It aint working!!! I gotta watch my movie during civics class!

Guest      20 days ago  # + 0 -

It is good

Guy      20 days ago  # + 79 -
When I try to watch a movie it says something went wrong

Guest112      20 days ago  # + 22 -
Saying something went wrong when I try to open a movie or series. Sad.

Panda      22 days ago  # + -1 - is totally down. Videos won’t play, a small harmless ad won’t pop up like it did earlier. Nothing works.

Guest      34 days ago  # + 1 -

It makes me happy because I can watch the movies that I like and is the only way that I can watch my favorites movies

dominykas      70 days ago  # + 11 -
It says it can't reach the site. Can you help me? thanks

Gungun Sharma      110 days ago  # + 2 -
Connection unavailable

Hdb      117 days ago  # + 0 -
Not letting me login

B      122 days ago  # + 8 -
Everytime I go to click in something it sends me to another site asking me to download something. How do I fix this?

joe      139 days ago  # + 4 -
not loading