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H      19 days ago  # 9 September 2022
Sign in no longer works for ps4

M Buckley      29 days ago  # 30 August 2022
Get yo shit together 9anime. Another day your site is down. Enough with the updates, you've screwed your site with issues more often than not with the re-design.

HEAVENSARMY      29 days ago  # 30 August 2022
Many people are getting this: Call to undefined function custom_base64_decode()

Froz      29 days ago  # 30 August 2022
"Call to undefined function custom_base64_decode()" :(

missess      29 days ago  # 30 August 2022
im getting error 500

Ramen      29 days ago  #
yeah im gettin the "Call to undefined function custom_base64_decode()" thing too

mike      29 days ago  #
when you try to watch an anime, where the video is suppose to appear, it says “call to undefined function custom_base64_decode().”

Djsidjdjsjsj      29 days ago  #
Everything is working fine but when you try to watch an anime, where the video is suppose to appear, it says “call to undefined function custom_base64_decode().”

Gt      29 days ago  #
Down for me still. 9:22 pm US

A      29 days ago  #
Nothing working

si      29 days ago  #
the search is not working

deadeyejack      29 days ago  #
search engine not working right

NickSteer      29 days ago  #

NickSteer      29 days ago  #
Browser: Working
Cloudflare: Working
9anime.id (Host): Error

hammy      29 days ago  #
no videos are working , only homepage woks

NickSteer      29 days ago  #
why is every server down exept for the home page?

Nice try      33 days ago  #
Unironically might kms if this shit gets shut down

Elack      33 days ago  #
It worked fine a few days ago (last time I entered was 2 days ago) and now the anime isn't loading

pickles      33 days ago  #
Its been working fine for me all week including today, but it just stopped and wont even load the website along the lines of "host unreachable". I got the grey screen with checkpoints on it wanted to know if anyone else had the issue (9anime.me/9anime.to/9anime.id)

Ashnab      39 days ago  #
9anime.id does work but when i start an anime it says ''undefined index trending film'' then some loads of random numbers

pablo      45 days ago  #
i wanna cry

Chas      45 days ago  #
man i got some food and was about to watch some bleach and now it's down :(

Meh      45 days ago  #
Animes not loading.

TheOnePiece      45 days ago  #
9anime is down I think? Anyone else getting thru

moondrk      45 days ago  #
9anime.vc works, idc if it's fake, it will do for tonight .

moondrk      45 days ago  #
opened a bag of chips hoping for a good anime night ,only to find out the site is broken down completely

Marinsimp      45 days ago  #

penisman      45 days ago  #
f*** i was just rewatching baki

Shoobydoo3.      45 days ago  #
Links not working, no pop-up description of anime on main screen, comments not loading, everything like just pictures with no back-end (database, connection from front-end to actual media, etc) gone.

Leviackerman      45 days ago  #

bruh      45 days ago  #

capy      45 days ago  #

3sede      45 days ago  #
Episodes will not load

Zylah baby      45 days ago  #
I was justtttt watching my fav show and now it stopped working !! won't load anything :(

なまえ      47 days ago  #
Mine working hours ago but now gone

myname      49 days ago  #
ahhhhhhhhhhh canada down

Panda      54 days ago  #
Mine working yesterday but not today ? Just said 404

RS125      54 days ago  #
Okay, 9anime is working for me now. Yay!

RS125      54 days ago  #
Still down in UK too. Well on to kiss anime for now then.

me      54 days ago  #
its down

me      63 days ago  #
Damned thing wont load

Akash      77 days ago  #
Website is still down

me      77 days ago  #
sasukes telling me "Error 500
Search feature currently not available, it will back in few hours next!" and "Error 404
Requested item is not found."

Dick      77 days ago  #
Just got updated i think

Mack      87 days ago  #
Same issue, multiple tabs and devices, along with in private tabs… Bunch of cleaning device scams everytime I open the website :/

Mark      87 days ago  #
Same issue since the 30th cleaner scam over and over

Aiden      87 days ago  #
For the videos(it started 2 days ago for me) whenever I load onto the website it automatically sends me to one of three scam "app cleaner" websites even though I do not click on anything. When you try to close out of them it keeps you in a loop because even if you try to start the video, it still automatically sends you to one of these websites as well as other scamming websites. I hope this helps and gets fixed soon! Have a good rest of your day :)

Charlie      87 days ago  #
Every video redirects to scam app websites even when I don't click anything

Mike      87 days ago  #
Same I can't play videos kicks me to a app clean everytime I try to watch.

Non      87 days ago  #
Can't play videos kicks me to a app clean everytime I try to watch. Then will do the same when I don't try to play videos until after I clear cache.

Stephen      120 days ago  #
When I try to way my favorite shows but the videos are missing please restore them

j      130 days ago  #
The website is still down.

Enoch Matilukuro      131 days ago  #
The site won't load properly for me as well, only on desktop, works fine on mobile, only shows headings like genre and theme, loading as blue text

Maxibloke      131 days ago  #
Site won't load properly, only getting headings such as genre and theme, loading as blue text

Timmy Turner      136 days ago  #
Can't access homepage, it won't load or something.

D      138 days ago  #
I cant access my watchlist when I try it sends me to home page

Mahan      138 days ago  #
Same thing happened to me

Kay      140 days ago  #
Anytime i press go to home to tries to load it the sends me back to the same page.... same happens with the other .me mirrors

Mark      349 days ago  #
Login button has disappeared and I can’t navigate anywhere but the homepage. If I try to search, load, or click on a anime, it pops up error code 502.