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Watch anime online in high quality for free with English subbed, dubbed. Update daily, No tracking, No paying, No registration required. Just enjoy your anime ;)

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Stephen      26 days ago  # 31 May 2022
When I try to way my favorite shows but the videos are missing please restore them

j      36 days ago  # 21 May 2022
The website is still down.

Enoch Matilukuro      37 days ago  # 20 May 2022
The site won't load properly for me as well, only on desktop, works fine on mobile, only shows headings like genre and theme, loading as blue text

Maxibloke      38 days ago  # 19 May 2022
Site won't load properly, only getting headings such as genre and theme, loading as blue text

Timmy Turner      42 days ago  # 15 May 2022
Can't access homepage, it won't load or something.

D      44 days ago  #
I cant access my watchlist when I try it sends me to home page

Mahan      44 days ago  #
Same thing happened to me

Kay      47 days ago  #
Anytime i press go to home to tries to load it the sends me back to the same page.... same happens with the other .me mirrors

Mark      256 days ago  #
Login button has disappeared and I can’t navigate anywhere but the homepage. If I try to search, load, or click on a anime, it pops up error code 502.

Twitter Reports

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@aquue_2   @seinenjayy https://t.co/Fb0Ojabt1p if you have a good adblocker or https://t.co/4GGdz2uRwX if you dont ? both great sites ive had 0 issues with read the source
260 days ago   9 October 2021