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KelynTyme      12 days ago  # 16 September 2022
@StanRames - Looking at SoL, the story you mention doesn't appear to be locked to premium, so you might try again.

I'm definitely still curious if ASSTR will come back online, but have been digging through some of the content that I had links for via the internet archive, and others info on a Google Group for ASSD. Not quite the ASSTR content, but relatively close.

StanRames      25 days ago  # 2 September 2022
Read a lot of reasons. FBI to hardware. Nothing provable. Looking for Lazlo Zalezac to finish William Redman Carter when SOL put the story on "premium" last night in the middle of reading. So far, no place has it. ASSTR has always been an interesting site. I know I have read Oyster50's early work here.
Any real data on whether ASSTR is coming back?
The mirror states on MAR 24 it's temporary until ASSTR comes back. That's 5+ months ago.

anon      27 days ago  # 1 September 2022
It's been down for like 6 weeks. I hope it's not dead.

Stan X      30 days ago  # 28 August 2022
Been unable to connect for a week. All other sites I surf work.

Micock Izhugz      47 days ago  # 11 August 2022
I no able to find site. American bastards.

Chadlee Anvil Bryant      47 days ago  #
I spinkicked their servers 'cuz they were a buncha C-teamers. That'll show 'em. I always win.
Chadlee Anvil Bryant
AKA Lee Anvil Bryant
AKA Lee Bryant
AKA Chad Bryant
AKA Chad Lee Bryant
AKA Chadlee Bryant
Salt Lake City, Utah

Archibald Meatpants      47 days ago  # has been having "issues" for at least three weeks. I want my wank spank, dammit.

ML      47 days ago  # is back, sadly not :(

thenursepp      48 days ago  #
Yes, the site has been down for a few days, probably due to faulty hardware.
You can access content via the
internet archive @

long-time ASSTR author      48 days ago  #
I'm an author and my old stories (2009 - 2021) are available on the WayBack machine. Someone else found the link for me, but if you know how to find stuff there you might well find other authors too. Of course it's no help if you're looking for a stream of new stuff.

Johnny Appleton      48 days ago  #
Yes the site is completely down UGH

Black Frog      50 days ago  #
Mirror site is also down - error 404

Blindfolded Sub      50 days ago  #
Still down and I'm missing the Kristen archives terribly

Cybr      64 days ago  #
The Mind Control Archive still seems to be up;

Michael Smitt      68 days ago  #
Shut down for illegal p***

The Demon      68 days ago  #
Look on for a partially-complete snapshot ...

James Doe      68 days ago  #
The mirror site, is not a full backup. It is better than nothing but is lacking nearly all of the stuff from the last 18 months.

John Doe      69 days ago  #

Help I’m horny      69 days ago  #
I tried Literotica but they site was down to! Wtf!?

Ms T      69 days ago  #
What is going on ? I don’t know what to do with myself now. Is anyone in Tennessee and wants to help me out ????????

fbi      69 days ago  #
can't connect and cant find information anywhere

vamp      69 days ago  #
sad :(

Kupotek      70 days ago  #
I remember there used to be a a archive of the site elsewhere for when asstr was down, but I forget where that was, someone should link that directory if they have it.

Claire      70 days ago  #
It'd be awesome if I could get back to what I was reading....pls

ABporn      71 days ago  #
That’s f***ed tonight’s wank

Horny girl      71 days ago  #
Can't connect to site.

Help      72 days ago  #
I cant jack off!

Anonymous      72 days ago  #
I have no idea what's going on but I'm so sad about it :(

Grover Syck      72 days ago  #
Try to access
get no response.
Anyone know what is going on