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Black Frog      1 day ago  # 9 August 2022
Mirror site is also down - error 404

Blindfolded Sub      1 day ago  # 9 August 2022
Still down and I'm missing the Kristen archives terribly

Cybr      15 days ago  # 26 July 2022
The Mind Control Archive still seems to be up;

Michael Smitt      19 days ago  # 22 July 2022
Shut down for illegal p***

The Demon      20 days ago  # 21 July 2022
Look on for a partially-complete snapshot ...

James Doe      20 days ago  #
The mirror site, is not a full backup. It is better than nothing but is lacking nearly all of the stuff from the last 18 months.

John Doe      20 days ago  #

Help I’m horny      20 days ago  #
I tried Literotica but they site was down to! Wtf!?

Ms T      20 days ago  #
What is going on ? I don’t know what to do with myself now. Is anyone in Tennessee and wants to help me out ????????

fbi      20 days ago  #
can't connect and cant find information anywhere

vamp      21 days ago  #
sad :(

Kupotek      21 days ago  #
I remember there used to be a a archive of the site elsewhere for when asstr was down, but I forget where that was, someone should link that directory if they have it.

Claire      21 days ago  #
It'd be awesome if I could get back to what I was reading....pls

ABporn      23 days ago  #
That’s f***ed tonight’s wank

Horny girl      23 days ago  #
Can't connect to site.

Help      23 days ago  #
I cant jack off!

Anonymous      23 days ago  #
I have no idea what's going on but I'm so sad about it :(

Grover Syck      24 days ago  #
Try to access
get no response.
Anyone know what is going on