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M      55 mins ago  # 27 September 2022
What's going on???

Hunter      29 days ago  # 29 August 2022
I have a double issue. I'm logging the browser, but I can't log in now

H7l      29 days ago  # 29 August 2022
I put double issue. I can in browser when I'm all, so I can't log in.

Nani      71 days ago  # 18 July 2022
I got banned IP what the hell just happen ???

Willer      94 days ago  # 25 June 2022
It banned my ip address

Amer      97 days ago  #
Fast forward will break vid but audio fine

Sadboy      109 days ago  #
Blackscreen only

Kamish      114 days ago  #
When I try to click a video it sends me to a black screen and behind it when I enlarge it it shows the biography of the page it self

Aye      116 days ago  #
When I watch the video and I skip up to like for example from 2 minutes to 4 minutes the audio is working but the video is stuck and may I know why?

Yooo      117 days ago  #
The audio is alright but the video stuck

Hm      124 days ago  #
Use hentai heaven

Ronin      182 days ago  #
Only getting audio no video

H-e      183 days ago  #
So are servers down or sum?

b      183 days ago  #

a      183 days ago  #

cockalitus      183 days ago  #

Coitus      183 days ago  #

...      203 days ago  #
cant load any pages

Gggggg      254 days ago  #
Some of the videos play but some don't pls tell me why is this happening

GGThot      254 days ago  #
Videos won't play and crashing

Ong      254 days ago  #
The video isn't working hope this problem can fix it

Yoho      254 days ago  #
The videos aren't working!! Fix it

     255 days ago  #
Bro wtf is going on

poop      256 days ago  #
infinite video loading screen, 20/10 blue balls say thank you

anonymous      256 days ago  #
videos won't play online

Foppet      256 days ago  #
Cmn lazy f***ers i want to fap before my family comes back fix your f***ing wesite.

Alex montana      256 days ago  #
Very few videos are loading

cliX      256 days ago  #
Videos are not playing

king      256 days ago  #
i cant watch any videos

cas      261 days ago  #
it's down AGAIN

Rudeusecchi      262 days ago  #
Still not working my harem

?!?!_      263 days ago  #
It's back up!!

Bruh      263 days ago  #
What happened fam

lel      263 days ago  #
hanime.tv not working f

lolb      263 days ago  #
server dead

Yagi      263 days ago  #
Not working at all

Hoho      263 days ago  #
Yeah, it's doesn't working

?!?!_      263 days ago  #
Anyone else not able to go on?

...      263 days ago  #

pie      263 days ago  #
pain... can't see anything at all when i click on the website

Sad      264 days ago  #
Can't go in -_-

Aki      264 days ago  #
brehh why is it not workingggg

h      264 days ago  #

Smelly      275 days ago  #
Bruuhhhhhh why banned my IP address????

Nii-san      275 days ago  #
I got code 1007 why

Guest1      279 days ago  #
The site seems to be down for me

wbe?      309 days ago  #
Bro the new 3.7.0 update won't let me install, but I can install previous versions.

Rowan      317 days ago  #
Can’t see them video but audio works just fine

LoverOfHentai3      347 days ago  #
Where is my hentai

lol      351 days ago  #

Sammi#4014      354 days ago  #
whole website wont load. I was trying to watch yuri smh

Jashin-King      355 days ago  #
Sign in locked, why is that?

Me      365 days ago  #
It won’t work

Guest      419 days ago  #
I just wanted to watch hentai bruuh

senpai-kun      419 days ago  #
damn it, and i was so looking forward to that new succubus hentai

Fapmaster      419 days ago  #
Error 404

SUSSY BAKA      419 days ago  #

Kanna Kamui will eat your dick      419 days ago  #

trollface69      419 days ago  #
General Outage

n      419 days ago  #
General Outage

my penis is hard but holy fuck the site is down :(      419 days ago  #
Guess I'll die :)

vanilla hentai enjoyer      419 days ago  #
bad night

Sad boi      419 days ago  #

nutmaster      419 days ago  #
why today?!

I dont want a name      419 days ago  #
520 error

Guest      419 days ago  #
it’s just a white screen for me

guest      428 days ago  #
Log in failure no account found

sheesh bro thats down      445 days ago  #
the video shows its removed and I mean EVERY video.
is it just me?

BananaMan      447 days ago  #
I get a 404 code

Guest      447 days ago  #
Cant log in or play video

Guest      447 days ago  #

Guest      447 days ago  #
pp sad

caca      447 days ago  #
bro my pp so soft rn im so sad

Virginitytaker89      447 days ago  #
Sorry pp nothing today ????????

Michael      467 days ago  #
Why i cant download videos

PP      478 days ago  #
Sad pp noises

Lol Xd rofl      478 days ago  #
oh guess its not just me!
pp sad :(

XD      478 days ago  #
ah shit here we go again

Sad Guy      478 days ago  #
My pp was waiting.

Voidslesher      478 days ago  #
Error 504 Gateway time-out
Cmon, why today from all the days?

Guest      478 days ago  #
Website is down

pptama      478 days ago  #
sed, the server is down. do they have a discord server?

Goku      482 days ago  #
Hello what kind of hentai do you guys watch?

Guest      482 days ago  #
What happen I've got a raging boner

God      482 days ago  #

Devil      482 days ago  #
All your sins will be forgiven

Guy      482 days ago  #
My 8- is sad

Admin      482 days ago  #
Sorry the app has been hacked

Hentai4life      482 days ago  #
What sup fellow hentai watcher

Guest      482 days ago  #
404 error

Guest      482 days ago  #
It says 404 error tf?

Ep      493 days ago  #
Is the servers downloads down???
Cause recently when they released the new vid it's starting to bug out or something cause the download won't work

Members      493 days ago  #
Can't download

Guest      517 days ago  #
Access denied on website.

Joe      528 days ago  #

Joe’s mother      528 days ago  #
It won’t work again

Joe      532 days ago  #
Mom what the hell are you doing here?

Joe’s mama      532 days ago  #
Wtf I wanted to watch some hentai on the best platform possible now I can’t just like hood site we’ve lost another great website

Taka      535 days ago  #
Format not supported

Hen tai      535 days ago  #
“The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported” Help me

Guest      535 days ago  #
It keeps saying “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported” This hasn’t happened to me before

you      535 days ago  #
tf i cant watch videos i just wanna bust man

Heidy      546 days ago  #

fergt      547 days ago  #