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jojo      298 days ago  # 1 August 2021
It is saying my URL is rejected. What is that?

cw      298 days ago  # 1 August 2021
website down need to file claim

Marianne      298 days ago  # 1 August 2021
cannot log in to file weekly certification - am getting URL kicked me out - to the curb. What's happening TN????

Guest      298 days ago  # 1 August 2021
Url saying kicked out

Back stabbed military Veteran      326 days ago  # 4 July 2021
Hmmmm we all seem to have the same problem, but every time I go on the site map and give them horrible survey there site seems to go down. I guess the truth hurts. Also yes that sorry coward of a republican Governor should be voted out, they never do anything for poor people or people in need. I like to hit them where it hurts when I do the survey's and every time the site goes down. The simple version of what I say is I have been differ from making weekly job search's because of my situation. My first two claims I was differed the whole time. Now with out warning or emails I didn't get paid because they don't warn you at all. I don't find out I'm not differed at all until I actually file my weekly certification, at that point they have stolen my money and it's too late, also appeals don't work they just never looked at my file, never looked at my uploads because they are chronically lazy. from where I'm stuck for now it's 13 hours difference and I have to sit on the phone for over 4 hours to tell they about items that they already have but never checked my file or up loads, the last phone bill was $60 extra dollars to my phone bill, will the Department of labor pay that fee hell no, and the want up date that sorry system either. This is the kind of crappy service you get when you force people to take jobs they don't want to make your numbers jive, you get crappy service. They don't care and will NEVER fix the whole system because if you are differed for month then all of a sudden someone needs money for an extra summer home they without notice claim you need to do a job search when and only when you do your weekly certification and it's too late because they designed the system that way to steal your money. Try asking them what happens to all the money that gets cut off after this weekend and they will more than likely die right on the phone. On top of that this other coward sent me an email after they didn't pay me claiming "I noticed you didn't do a job search for 7 days " no shyt stupid because I have been differed from job searches, but here is the key factor if this worthless coward could see that then he should have been able to see I'm differed and he has a no reply so he can just hide his cowardly azz behind the internet because he knows I'm stuck 13 hours way, but it was much easier just to steal my money instead of doing 5 minutes of real work. I'm sure they do this to everyone in some form of fashion, why because they are greedy cowards and they have a republican governor that just doesn't give a damn. I say if they can't do their jobs properly then fire them at election time, because in my line of work if you do a crappy job like the department of labor you kill people. I'm a United States Military Veteran that served proudly to protect these mindless, heartless, evil idiots, and this is the treatment I get. Well election time I think I will write in a candidate that I know will do their job. They do exactly what I know they will do with no lies or surprises, I'm going to write in CRAP, because I know it will just lay there and not do a damn thing but stink, and it can't lie to me because it's not capable. More important it will be doing the same exact stinking sorry job as the Governor and the Department of labor, there is no difference.

Mad tax payer      347 days ago  #
Out cannot open up web site

Guest      347 days ago  #

Guest      347 days ago  #
Website down.

Guest      347 days ago  #
Wtf been trying to.sign in for 4 hours wtf

Brandon      347 days ago  #
Getting a ' won't ping default gateway' error. Unable to load site on desktop or mobile.

Unemployed      347 days ago  #
What the what is going on!?!? Can't log on with phone or pc....uggghhh!

Person      362 days ago  #

guest      382 days ago  #
log in issue

Concerned      409 days ago  #
Wi fi and app still NOT working-

Guest      409 days ago  #
I have been getting this message all day:
An error has occurred

You have encountered an error in the system. The administrator has been notified and the error will be addressed as soon as possible.

Error ID: 086554739231

Chelsae      409 days ago  #
Website is down! Please fix ASAP!

David      410 days ago  #
Mine just keeps saying go back to previous page. Can't get to any of the website at all

Keith      410 days ago  #
Can't get on at all. All day

Kat      410 days ago  #
I am unable to certify due to website being down on April 11,2021. I have called,called, called some more and can't get in touch with anyone as well.

Guest      410 days ago  #
Been trying to certificate since 6am still not up and its 2pm

Mary      410 days ago  #
Haven't been able to certify in like two weeks easter sunday was told the only way I could keep my benefits was to file a new claim didn't make sense because my benefit date is fine and still have money in my account what is really going on

df      416 days ago  #
Website running extremely delayed since easter sunday 2021

Dakota      416 days ago  #
Page will not load at all for weekly certification 4.4.21

Melanie Perry      416 days ago  #
Website won’t load it’s Sunday 4/4 7pm, I’ve been trying to get in to recertify since 9am.

Kenyonnia Faniel      416 days ago  #
Website won’t load

BE      417 days ago  #
Website won't load then it says my session has timed out

B.Sto      417 days ago  #
App and website won't load pages. Including weekly certification. Again!

Ron      430 days ago  #
I logged in last night at 12:45 and was able to certify but it was lagging badly and the $300 stimulus was at that time gone. Hopefully when it comes back online the $300 federal payments will have been updated. But why is it taking so long to update their system that's a whole other concern

Tony      431 days ago  #
I’ve been trying to certify unemployment Today my self I’ve spoken to the dept of labor they are doing maintenance on the web site to update the system for
The new $300 extension that Biden signed to extend benefits until September 4th it should be up and running by 6-7pm they said just keep trying until it’s up again hope
This helps

BE      431 days ago  #
I'm having the same issue as everyone else, get an error message when I try to click the Weekly Claim Certification button.

Jw      431 days ago  #
Hi have been trying all day to file my claim. Site is not working March 21 2021

C      431 days ago  #
Still says server error as of 3:00 EST. Been trying all day

Jared      431 days ago  #
Still won’t let me do my weekly certification anyone still having this problem

Guest weekly ceritifcation      431 days ago  #
weekly cert. isn't working.

Disgusted      431 days ago  #
Been trying for hrs to do weekly certification lift right now is stressful enough without this

Msgina64      431 days ago  #
Can't file my weekly certification been trying since after midnight have tried on every device in this house same thing no response

frustrated      431 days ago  #
can't file weekly certification!!!! my wife got in and went through the process, it says week of 3/20/2021 but when she clicks on the bar it shows something from January. What is going on?????!!!!!!!!

Guest      431 days ago  #
Error given when trying to file weekly certification since 7:45am on Mar. 21st and it’s now almost 12pm. How do we even report this to TN Unemployment? Life is stressful enough right now...definitely don’t need to be worried about not being able to certify.

DB      431 days ago  #
Been trying since midnight too! Same issues as everyone else. Will probably have to wait til Wednesday! Means no check till later this week!

Tji      431 days ago  #
Been trying to file my weekly claim today, March 21, will not advance to allow filing. Can log in, but just keeps stalling after that point.

ALISAW74      431 days ago  #
I can’t either been trying since midnight

Guest      431 days ago  #
Still unable to certify. Sunday. March 21 2021 11:45 est

C      431 days ago  #
Error message every single time

Concerned TN      431 days ago  #
I really hope they fix this ASAP!!

Concerned TN      431 days ago  #
Can't weekly certify!

Ismo      431 days ago  #
Won't allow weekly certification (March 21, 10 a.m.)

Guest      431 days ago  #
Login just fine and access everything except the ability to weekly certify. Error message when trying to certify.

Trenia Alexander      438 days ago  #
I can't login to certify

Guest      438 days ago  #
Myself and someone else I know couldn't certify

Guest      462 days ago  #
Have been trying to log on for three days with nothing.