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The AAMC is dedicated to transforming health care through innovative medical education, cutting-edge patient care, and groundbreaking medical research.

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@ACUnderserved   Read the U.S. Surgeon General's Advisory on "Addressing Health Worker Burnout:" https://t.co/ffU6AXsm3x read the source
7 days ago   2 August 2022

@nisslbodies   @BooksPajamas @nyulangone Yep. This is among the issues I highlight in one of my guest lectures on medical racism. https://t.co/nUiTDketn0 read the source
59 days ago   12 June 2022

@UWMSTP   RT @DavidJSkorton: Today, Im back on Beyond the White Coat with Howard Universitys @rmitch_jr to discuss one of the most critical publi read the source
62 days ago   9 June 2022

@smeltzerb   RT @UNC_Health_Care: Increasing number of physicians with more residency positions, especially psychiatry in #NC, is vital to help patients read the source
63 days ago  

@RafaMalgor   RT @VascularSVS: We urge Congress to act and ensure patients and communities have access to the care they need and are better prepared for read the source
63 days ago  

@vee_elle28   RT @AAMCtoday: Women surgeons have raised many issues about surgical equipment from gloves and gowns to staplers and bed heights that i read the source
82 days ago  

@AhmadRehanKhan   For IMGs, hands down virtually interviews(VI) are the best option in terms of visa, travel, accommodation and financial issues.For AMGs, I still feel VI is a good option.#eras2023 @Inside_TheMatch#Match2023https://t.co/blkIWTtTxS read the source
83 days ago  

@Match2022_bot   RT @NomanKhalidMD: #Match2023 VIRTUAL INTERVIEWS FOR MATCH 2023. Good or bad? It is an subjective opinion. Good: Because you save tons of read the source
84 days ago  

@NomanKhalidMD   #Match2023 VIRTUAL INTERVIEWS FOR MATCH 2023. Good or bad? It is an subjective opinion. Good: Because you save tons of money and visa issues. Bad: Because interview hoarding.https://t.co/wpZcboTyCx#Match2022 #MedTwitter #meded #internalmedicine #IM2023 #IMGs #residency #AAMC read the source
84 days ago