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Alice      27 days ago  # 2 September 2022
I would like to introduce you guys to this proficient hacker, although I have been used many times on different platforms by fake hackers who turned out to be what they are not but he turned out different. I was almost giving up but thanks to ADRIAN LAMO , I contacted him VIA Hackwithadrianlamo @ gmail com and he is very efficient, fast and reliable.

Rume      28 days ago  # 31 August 2022
Let's goooooo, the server is working now

blackeagle      28 days ago  # 31 August 2022
<<i was watching naruto. when will they fix this server problem (server is busy)>>

Komi      28 days ago  # 31 August 2022
Damnn i need to finish love tyrant...

Reinhard      28 days ago  # 31 August 2022
And it all started lastnight.

Reinhard      28 days ago  #
Well it the same issue with me it saying sever is busy please work on it I need to finish shimomental ????????????.

Apple Juice      28 days ago  #
Bruh Server is still busy plz fix it

Amon      28 days ago  #
pls fix I need to watch Overlord
season 4

Sahil      28 days ago  #
Pls solve it

SouthLee      28 days ago  #
i just want to watch redo of healer again

derupo      28 days ago  #
the sever is down i wanna continue dragon ball please work on it

OrigamiSwitch      28 days ago  #
Server still busy????

Rume      28 days ago  #
What is going on I just started watching log horizon and the server stops working . please do something

Luffy      28 days ago  #
Ayyee what’s popping in the ass why why server ros down

Eren      28 days ago  #
When will the server open

harryhebb      28 days ago  #
i just wanna watch one piece man cmon

Levi      28 days ago  #
Bruh j want to complete one peace when will it start

fofum      28 days ago  #
it is not that damn serious ????????

tanishq      28 days ago  #
Atleast tell us when will the server start working again

Wadu02      28 days ago  #
f*** yaa server busyyy .....

Eren      28 days ago  #
When will the server start again?

jeez      28 days ago  #
comeon i was about to watch classroom of the elites

INEEDGT      28 days ago  #
yo get it up and running bruh

Luminois      28 days ago  #
I just want to watch anime bro fix ur server. Get it fukcing back on

Straw hats      28 days ago  #

:>      28 days ago  #
Dude... what happened :(

Joe Mama      28 days ago  #
Just wanted to watch some anime :(

Ur mom      28 days ago  #
Broo just let me watch my anime

bleepybloop      28 days ago  #
The server is down in the US for sure, I keep getting this message that the server is busy

[ ]      28 days ago  #
Animixplay server down????

Demon slayer fans      28 days ago  #
Why is dis not workingggggg

Syawal      33 days ago  #

gone      60 days ago  #
Down again? -_-'

hek      65 days ago  #
yea even I just went off the site and did something else for a while, no need to go apeshit like an idiot for a site breaking

keith      67 days ago  #
You all need to calm down its not easy running a website and im glad that its back!

Otaku      67 days ago  #
Huissssshhh.... It's back... HOORAYYYYYY!

obitp      67 days ago  #

obitp      67 days ago  #

obitp      67 days ago  #

obitp      67 days ago  #

: (      67 days ago  #
Are they fixing it now???

MANU LUCIFER      67 days ago  #
IM WAITING ????????

I’ll beat your ass up if you argue with me      67 days ago  #
This bitch better not take long or shit gon go down f*** this trash website because 234 hackers have tried to hack me and 98 of them are from animixplay and that’s only this week if y’all don’t fix yalls website shit goin go down

gojo      67 days ago  #
what is this happening get good servers knowing you have a large amount of audience.

itachi uchiha      67 days ago  #
ur all going in a genjutsu bro swear down

Itachi my sacky      67 days ago  #
gay balls

4th Of July

raye penber      67 days ago  #
i have contacted the FBI

a      67 days ago  #

ken kaneki      67 days ago  #
my hair will turn white if you bitvhes dont get on the job

????      67 days ago  #
I won continue my streaming na????

wattari      67 days ago  #
f*** you guys im getting L on the case

ross bennett      67 days ago  #
guys add my snapchat rossb506

believe it!      67 days ago  #
f*** ypu pakis

pond      67 days ago  #
get ur act together sons

Itachi my sacky      67 days ago  #

1111      67 days ago  #
oi you little dangling ballsacks you think man wont run u all out uyr headquarters if you dont put this bitch back up in the next 2 mins

harry taylor      67 days ago  #
when is the f***ing bloodclart pussy website back up i need my lolitas

sasuke uchiha      67 days ago  #

tony      67 days ago  #
yo what's goin on

hbomb      67 days ago  #
whens it back up

Chichi      67 days ago  #
Can you fix this I want to watch anime but server busy please tomorrow I need to watch new episode of one peaces ????

chinga tu madre      67 days ago  #
yo server busy man

Miyo      67 days ago  #
What's wrong with the site all of a sudden it says server busy and try again later. Is there anyone who knows other websites?

anyone      67 days ago  #
I was on Ep4 of Black Butler S2

just a nobody passing by      67 days ago  #
i was gonna watch hxh

shibo      67 days ago  #
i was on a good ep on BLEACHH

Bot      67 days ago  #
I was on Ep3 of Class room of elites season 2

Kei      67 days ago  #
When is it gonna be back

sadANDthicc      67 days ago  #
I was supposed to finish overlord rewatch today, sadly doesn't look like I'll be able to

Vake      67 days ago  #
Still down

rip      67 days ago  #
I wanted to watch my shoowwwwwwww. "AniMixPlay Server Busy | Try again later"

Luttapi      67 days ago  #
Server busy

Bozlowe      67 days ago  #
Just be back up in time for Kingdom new episode in a few hours K

Adam      67 days ago  #
still not working

Zoro      67 days ago  #
Am I lost again?

Noob      67 days ago  #

amy      67 days ago  #
watching onepiece and it suddenly stopped :( I'm watching it on now ????

Dark phantom      67 days ago  #
Mine saying server is busy

Watching HAIKYUU why its have a problem run:((( i      67 days ago  #
Watching HAIKYUU why its have a problem run:((( its say animix server busy

TheLabyrinth      67 days ago  #
I hope they fix it soon. I go find other websites. Maybe crunchy roll?

Asteria      67 days ago  #
Watching detective conan why its have a problem rn

obitp      67 days ago  #
yall im watching on kissanime and it doesnt have playback speed change so i have to sit and watch through the fillers (watching one piece)

Batcrazy      67 days ago  #
Can anyone message animixplay's twitter? To hopefully get through to them

Klaws      67 days ago  #
It says animixplay server busy

A CHILL TERMINATOR      67 days ago  #

Kxz      67 days ago  #
Aww man hoping to watch the love live series tonight :(((

Braincell      67 days ago  #
11th episode on come on man

Lmoa      67 days ago  #

Batcrazy      67 days ago  #
Go to they have free anime there

obitp      67 days ago  #
broo animixlay pls come back i need you aaaaa the only good anime website

Christ      67 days ago  #
this is ah disasterHUHUHU

r1aa      67 days ago  #
oh wow guess im not the only one with the issue

Christ      67 days ago  #
same mines isn't working either

obitp      67 days ago  #
glad im not the only one with this issue... server is busy its saying... sad

Christ      67 days ago  #
they doing maintenance work probs...

Batcrazy      67 days ago  #
Everyone go to can watch free anime there

Nivek      67 days ago  #
now where can I watch pokemon movies in HD for free?

Gojo      67 days ago  #
I was on ep542 on one piece bro....why does it say server is busy?..i have been using animixplay for 2 years now and never had any kind of problem with it,i hope they fix it ASAP.

Deccan      67 days ago  #
This is kinda frustrating... Will.. I lose all my wishlist

Batcrazy      67 days ago  #
We need animixplay to work please ????

Erina      67 days ago  #
seems like thers a problem with the animixplay server. how sad!!

Jhiro      67 days ago  #
Guys chill its gonna be okay

Kaizo      67 days ago  #
they might be updating for the newest one piece episode i cant wait to see it

DEeZ      67 days ago  #
Saying "Animixplay Servers Busy", Same thing even when I use a
VPN to change servers :(

Styks      67 days ago  #

Ur mom      67 days ago  #
animix is down sad

Alex      67 days ago  #
bruh its saying 'animix servers busy too many requests' COME ON ANIMIXPLAY FIX THIS GOD

person      67 days ago  #
can't watch assassination classroom

CJ      67 days ago  #
Recommend some Romance anime

Lord_Praneel      67 days ago  #
Why is the server down i was in 100th ep oh man!

Haise      67 days ago  #
damn I am on ep13 of misfit of demon king academy

Vd      67 days ago  #
Bro when they back up

Batcrazy      67 days ago  #
How long till servers are back up?

Posy      67 days ago  #
Bruh, I'm about to watch harem series!!!!

John      67 days ago  #
Yeah they're down too

hek      67 days ago  #
man I just started dorohedoro after boring myself to death on Guin Saga

Today July      67 days ago  #
Animix server reported busy

Breh      67 days ago  #
Why are the damn servers down I was in the middle or a romantic anime scene

Jhiro      67 days ago  #
It says AniMixPlay Server Busy HUh!?!?

hek      67 days ago  #
yea it says that the servers are busy for me too

hai      67 days ago  #
AniMixPlay Server Busy
Try again later

PenPen      67 days ago  #
It says the servers are busy

G      112 days ago  #
Every time I try and click on a new episode it takes me to like a virus filled website what do I do??

Kurisu      121 days ago  #
For some reason it’s says I need A VPN? What do I do

Iris      133 days ago  #
Animixplay is being weird it keeps me from playing videos and rederecds me to a different site were its trying to get me to subrice to a virus in my planner. Is anybody having this issue too ?

Alex      157 days ago  #
bruhhh i was just gonna watch animixplay

Reina      157 days ago  #
Their twitter page says they’re doing maintenance, I think they posted like almost 20 minutes ago saying the wait would be 1-2 hours?

rachel      157 days ago  #
bro i was looking up animixplay to watch spy x family then it says “sorry server is busy” ☹️

Firelegend      157 days ago  #
Bruh i was watching naruto shippuden and then when i clicked on the next episode it is saying sorry server busy why bruhh

nick      157 days ago  #
bruh is animix down

Reina      157 days ago  #
Tried to click on the next episode of my current series, then the page said “sorry, server busy”.

Treydfe      157 days ago  #
Was tryna rewatch Overlord 1-3 but now I can't. Kinda tuff since I was half way done.

Triple      157 days ago  #
Dang, trying to rewatch initial D. ????

yoku      157 days ago  #
damn i wanted to watch inazuma eleven right after i wake up ????

Animemuffin_10      157 days ago  #
I really wanted to watch anime before I fall asleep :(

Swarleyius      157 days ago  #
are all the anime websites down? zoro isnt working too

TerrysTaxi      157 days ago  #
How long does the server usually stay down for?

Frososs      157 days ago  #
HeckieDevil, it's happening to me too

HeckieDevil      157 days ago  #
animixplay keeps prompting "sorry server busy." is it just from my end or everyone else.

clxmsykitten      157 days ago  #
when i got on animixplay today it said the servers were down

LazyLax      179 days ago  #
Hey i today opened animixplay it got logged off then i logged in it successfully does and then i tap on the user panel and takes me back to login screen and after i again login and tap on user panel its just keep asking for login . Bruhhhh . Help me

Kenal      185 days ago  #
It's saying internal player is not available for this episode but I watched it yesterday and tried a different anime and it says the same thing