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Iris      8 days ago  # 18 May 2022
Animixplay is being weird it keeps me from playing videos and rederecds me to a different site were its trying to get me to subrice to a virus in my planner. Is anybody having this issue too ?

Alex      32 days ago  # 24 April 2022
bruhhh i was just gonna watch animixplay

Reina      32 days ago  # 24 April 2022
Their twitter page says they’re doing maintenance, I think they posted like almost 20 minutes ago saying the wait would be 1-2 hours?

rachel      32 days ago  # 24 April 2022
bro i was looking up animixplay to watch spy x family then it says “sorry server is busy” ☹️

Firelegend      32 days ago  # 24 April 2022
Bruh i was watching naruto shippuden and then when i clicked on the next episode it is saying sorry server busy why bruhh

nick      32 days ago  #
bruh is animix down

Reina      32 days ago  #
Tried to click on the next episode of my current series, then the page said “sorry, server busy”.

Treydfe      32 days ago  #
Was tryna rewatch Overlord 1-3 but now I can't. Kinda tuff since I was half way done.

Triple      32 days ago  #
Dang, trying to rewatch initial D. ????

yoku      32 days ago  #
damn i wanted to watch inazuma eleven right after i wake up ????

Animemuffin_10      32 days ago  #
I really wanted to watch anime before I fall asleep :(

Swarleyius      32 days ago  #
are all the anime websites down? zoro isnt working too

TerrysTaxi      32 days ago  #
How long does the server usually stay down for?

Frososs      32 days ago  #
HeckieDevil, it's happening to me too

HeckieDevil      32 days ago  #
animixplay keeps prompting "sorry server busy." is it just from my end or everyone else.

clxmsykitten      32 days ago  #
when i got on animixplay today it said the servers were down

LazyLax      54 days ago  #
Hey i today opened animixplay it got logged off then i logged in it successfully does and then i tap on the user panel and takes me back to login screen and after i again login and tap on user panel its just keep asking for login . Bruhhhh . Help me

Kenal      60 days ago  #
It's saying internal player is not available for this episode but I watched it yesterday and tried a different anime and it says the same thing