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Survive and shoot at others while trying to keep your own tank alive!

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joe-mama-inator      22 days ago  # 4 May 2022
yooo its back

joe-mama-inator      22 days ago  # 4 May 2022
"Somethings wrong with our server!" Then fix them!

aspirinkomplex      22 days ago  # 4 May 2022
dude i just want to play what is this

mr potato chip2      22 days ago  # 4 May 2022
now it says something is wrong with our servers

mr potato chip2      22 days ago  # 4 May 2022
yeah i just see a black screen

ww      22 days ago  #
no work

King      22 days ago  #
Cool video keep it up :D

yes      22 days ago  #
doesnt work for me either

JAMES MF      22 days ago  #
bruh it aint working

flash      32 days ago  #
keeps reloading cant even choose region

just that mf      33 days ago  #
cmon bruuhhhh

gh      41 days ago  #
does anybody know what happend?

your mom      41 days ago  #
why bruh i just wanted to play

Zane      41 days ago  #
404 Page not found error...

Shark      41 days ago  #
404 page not found error. Could be a server issue.

why      41 days ago  #
it says service unavailable and i juts wanted to have some fun on it :(

Fuck Ovrload      41 days ago  #
Host is down

Sengelon2210      41 days ago  #
keeps loading into the page.. cannot get in. my internet isnt the porlbem because, well, i am writing this

My Name      41 days ago  #
i just see a screen that says "loading" then it goes black. User      41 days ago  #
The lobby selection system is broken due to a CORS error.

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing). Status code: 503.

Cohen      42 days ago  #
Failed to find lobby

Minty      50 days ago  #
Game doesn't work is says 404 page not found

frencheagle      50 days ago  #
404 page not found

WatchThis      50 days ago  #
Maybe an update or a maintenance

bob      50 days ago  #
everytime i go to website its always say "404 page is not found". did down or something?

overlord killer      50 days ago  #
quando verrà riattivato diep?

ok      50 days ago  #
2 cents

hii      50 days ago  # is down

Demitrius Demarcus Jones the 6th      162 days ago  # and are both down i dont know why.