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Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on diep.io. In this case, use the links below:

http://diep.io    https://diep.io    http://www.diep.io    https://www.diep.io

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{user.name}      11 hours ago  # 28 September 2022
This is the best site for homophobic and racist discussions. >:) I hate lgbt people I hope they kill themself.

Admin      3 days ago  # 26 September 2022
Im gonna cummie in myself fur holes

Admin      4 days ago  # 25 September 2022
STFU Admin!

Admin      14 days ago  # 14 September 2022
ok so u can just name yourself admin and say furry shit

s      14 days ago  # 14 September 2022
Service unavailable

14 September 2022      14 days ago  #
Service Unavailable 404 page not found

What happened :(      14 days ago  #
server down 404 not found

Admin      22 days ago  #
My cum is weaking UwU

Admin      31 days ago  #
Jeeez you must give me my cummie wummie blowjob for that server fix UwU

Jeeez      34 days ago  #
App is not working in Germany for a month or so. Care to fix that anytime soon?

Waltuh      37 days ago  #
the hell happened in here?

Your Mom's Third Penis      40 days ago  #
Admin broke server cuz they gay, furry and femboy. Go kys admin.

Say My Name      40 days ago  #
admin broke f***ing server and now is a furry. WTF https://c.tenor.com/nicIRWJkKIwAAAAC/walter-white-walter.gif

Admin      42 days ago  #

NO MORE FURRIES      42 days ago  #

Admin      42 days ago  #
Im tuwnying off teh sewvew if chu dont give me my nyice bwowjob again and vore aww my cummie wummy~

Admin      42 days ago  #
Oh yeah hawdew yeah fluff me hawdew owo in my tailhole uwu yeahhhhhhh

Admin      42 days ago  #
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Admin      42 days ago  #
dewe is so much cummie wummy~ owo in my tailhole

Admin      42 days ago  #
can i pwease get a bwowjob again~ im weawwy hawd and i wiww tuwn off teh sewvew if i dont get one

Admin      42 days ago  #

Admin      42 days ago  #
UwU my femboy PP was so hard and it came all over the place. I am eating all my cum OwO I want more blowjobs plz UwU I am so milky cum.

Poggers      48 days ago  #
Did the admin het the blowjob yet?

dd      55 days ago  #
failed to join lobby

fsfds      55 days ago  #
Failed to join lobby

fsfds      55 days ago  #

Admin      63 days ago  #
I fart in my hand and get a nice good sniff. MMM UwU.

Admin      66 days ago  #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on diep.io. In this case, use the links below:

http://diep.io https://diep.io http://www.diep.io https://www.diep.io

pooo      66 days ago  #
fix the f***ing server admin

diep player      66 days ago  #
it broke again

Admin      66 days ago  #
I am gonna turn the server back off if no one gives me the blowjob.

depping      66 days ago  #
its back working but im now getting 250 ping instead of 30

Your name...      67 days ago  #

Your name...      67 days ago  #
The server no longer responds with HTTP code 404 to a request to URL "https://diep.io". However, when attempting to join a lobby, the server responds with the following object (unimportant properties omitted):
"type": "default",
"status": 400,
"ok": false,
"statusText": "",
"headers": {
"map": {
"content-length": "62",
"content-type": "text/plain; charset=utf-8",
"rvt-ray-id": "3821d0bf-1a4c-4f71-bea8-487c7cac92c4"
"url": "https://api-game.rivet.gg/v1/matchmaker/lobbies/find",
"_bodyInit": {},
"_bodyBlob": {}
The properties "_bodyBlob" and "_bodyInit" appear to be unimportant blobs (which is why they are not displayed here). The status returned by the server is 400 (Bad Request). The URL property of the object links to an external site, which appears to be the one causing the issue. Attempting to reach the URL "https://api-game.rivet.gg" results in the server returning a 404 error (much like the one from "https://diep.io" earlier), and going to the URL specified in the object results in the server returning an object, which states that CORS policies prevent the API from processing a method. It also returns in the console the code "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()".

I believe that perhaps the server that responds to requests for "https://api-game.rivet.gg/v1/matchmaker/lobbies/find" is down or has some issues, or that the API that diep.io uses is now deprecated due to CORS policies.

bofa disnat      67 days ago  #
ligma balls

Your Mom      67 days ago  #
fix the server bro wtf ah ah ah

Admin      67 days ago  #
@idk and @Diepppppppppppp
It will be back online when you give me a blowjob and swallow all my cum. I am hard rn UwU

Diepppppppppppp      67 days ago  #
it's been down for 3 hrs plz brnig it back up

idk      67 days ago  #
When is it back online?

Dickson PPCUMer II      67 days ago  #

8=====>      67 days ago  #
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

Someone      67 days ago  #
What the actual f*** are these comments? Why is it so gay?

Femboi      67 days ago  #
Guys please bring diep io online, this game helps me masturbate, I like tank rule 34. Its so hot when I nuzzle together with other tanks and it give me hardies. UwU

Yay      67 days ago  #

ThisCommentWillBecomeReal      67 days ago  #
The whole LGBTQ community will die

ThisCommentWillBecomeReal      67 days ago  #
Diep io will be back online in 30 mins

ballsucker2015      67 days ago  #
ligma bals

ginger      67 days ago  #
hope it gets fixed soon

✧GͥOͣDͫ✧      67 days ago  #
its showing a white screen with writing at the top right which says, "404 page not found". Please fix this fast. I play this game everyday.

Your Name...      67 days ago  #
The server returns a 404 "Page not found" error whenever attempting to reach the URL "https://diep.io".

gdfgdfgdfgdgdftg      67 days ago  #

gftg      67 days ago  #

yeyayyyeyeye very very very very very very very ve      67 days ago  #
ye same dog it say it in very very very very very very very very very very very very very small text

AnnihilatorPro      67 days ago  #
It says '404 page not found'...

ur mom      67 days ago  #
don' be gay ur mom hot do

dd      67 days ago  #
it says 404 page not found

dd      67 days ago  #

CHAYSE BERRY!      76 days ago  #
none of links worked, it says "connecting" then "disconnected" :(
I haven't played in like 2 years and the only time i get on the sites down lol. hope u fix it soon im bored!

diep.io HELP!      87 days ago  #
diep.io doesnt work for me, it says failed to connect there is something wrong with our server

Dms c      97 days ago  #
Doesn’t work. A accept cookie screen pops out and if I press the button nothing happens

GreenSabe      104 days ago  #
Whoops, something may be wrong with our servers
Is it only for me or for everyone ?

joe-mama-inator      147 days ago  #
yooo its back

joe-mama-inator      147 days ago  #
"Somethings wrong with our server!" Then fix them!

aspirinkomplex      147 days ago  #
dude i just want to play what is this

mr potato chip2      147 days ago  #
now it says something is wrong with our servers

mr potato chip2      147 days ago  #
yeah i just see a black screen

ww      147 days ago  #
no work

King      147 days ago  #
Cool video keep it up :D

yes      147 days ago  #
doesnt work for me either

JAMES MF      147 days ago  #
bruh it aint working

flash      157 days ago  #
keeps reloading cant even choose region

just that mf      158 days ago  #
cmon bruuhhhh

gh      166 days ago  #
does anybody know what happend?

your mom      166 days ago  #
why bruh i just wanted to play

Zane      166 days ago  #
404 Page not found error...

Shark      166 days ago  #
404 page not found error. Could be a server issue.

why      166 days ago  #
it says service unavailable and i juts wanted to have some fun on it :(

Fuck Ovrload      166 days ago  #
Host is down

Sengelon2210      166 days ago  #
keeps loading into the diep.io page.. cannot get in. my internet isnt the porlbem because, well, i am writing this

My Name      166 days ago  #
i just see a screen that says "loading" then it goes black.

Diep.io User      166 days ago  #
The lobby selection system is broken due to a CORS error.

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://api-game.rivet.gg/v1/matchmaker/lobbies/find. (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing). Status code: 503.

Cohen      167 days ago  #
Failed to find lobby

Minty      175 days ago  #
Game doesn't work is says 404 page not found

frencheagle      175 days ago  #
404 page not found

WatchThis      175 days ago  #
Maybe an update or a maintenance

bob      175 days ago  #
everytime i go to diep.io website its always say "404 page is not found". did diep.io down or something?

overlord killer      175 days ago  #
quando verrà riattivato diep?

hii      175 days ago  #
diep.io is down

Demitrius Demarcus Jones the 6th      287 days ago  #
Ager.io and diep.io are both down i dont know why.