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Diane Gularte, RN (retired)      1104 days ago  # 8 July 2021 + 0 -

"Dignity" Health portal to my medical records/lab results has been inoperable at least since June 7 (or before.) I have made multiple calls to the "tech help line" (844-274-8497). Note: this phone number is for a company called PDS which is the tech company assisting in this wondrous new upgrade. THEY have been kind, patient, helpful every time I've called. I have spoken to the people answering the phone, I've spoken to their supervisors, and they have all tried to fix the problem. The supervisors have talked to everyone available to them. But the "escalation team," which IS a Dignity entity, does not respond.

All variations of log ins, browsers, clearing caches, etc have been tried by myself and by the techs at the helpline number. Repeatedly.

Providers have resent me invitations. My sign in to my "account" is correct and successful.

I can get into ONE of my portals---Northern California (you get a different portal, depending on your location. Records are NOT all on one portal.)

However, I cannot get into the other of my two portals, the one for Central Coast/Southern California, where all my current records are.

The problem is with "Dignity." Every one of my phone calls since June 7 (at least six, probably more) have resulted in a request by PDS to the "escalation team" who supposedly will get back to either me or them. This escalation team IS part of "Dignity" and they have NEVER responded to PDS or to me.

They have NOT fixed the problem, nor is there any indication that they are working on it.

They broke it, they need to fix it.

((This is just another indication of why "computerized medical records" are not a good idea....not only does my medical information get incorrectly input by data processing/office staff etc, they invite checklists and vague pre-chewed notes by medical personnel, including the MDs. Not to mention, I sure do hope the records are actually accessible in an emergency.

(("Dignity" Health is supposedly non-profit, tho the CEO makes $10 million per YEAR working 20 hours per week. By comparison, a person making $100,000 per year for 45 years would make $4.5 million in a LIFETIME. So much for "dignity" and worth of all the front line people who actually do the work that corporate types get accolades for.))

I will get labwork done at other labs from now on so that I can at least get results sooner. However, since "Dignity" has consumed/inhaled most of the clinics/doctor's offices/hospitals in the area, choice has become limited.

Time to rewrite the rules for "non profit" medical facilities.

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Carol      1155 days ago  # 17 May 2021 + 0 -

I have been unable to access my portal since Dignity Health's "upgrade" on Wednesday, May 13, 2021. I have called four times and still unable to access my portal. I hope their health care is better than their website and customer service because that is crap!!
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Dan      1159 days ago  # 13 May 2021 + 0 -

Was supposed to be under maintenance till 11 AM Pacific. 12:20 PM now, still down.
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