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@wetlandswatchVA   RT @gtuck624: Skip Stiles @wetlandswatchVA talking about issues with @USACEHQ cost-benefit analysis, which puts more emphasis on property v read the source
86 days ago   31 March 2022

@gtuck624   @esteinhilber @EnvDefenseFund says there are also issues with @fema BRIC program, which is highly competitive and has been challenging for VA localities to utilize. Need to ensure we're accounting for ALL benefits and costs.New @AECOM BRIC app resource: https://t.co/UctnKEGEZM read the source
87 days ago   31 March 2022

@gtuck624   Skip Stiles @wetlandswatchVA talking about issues with @USACEHQ cost-benefit analysis, which puts more emphasis on property values, less on additional benefits to communities that other agencies like @HUDgov might consider. Learn more: https://t.co/0c59v2v1Yr read the source
87 days ago   31 March 2022

@GrowingReturns   How @Federation1967 and its farmer members are building coalitions to support Black farmers in accessing credit and increasing climate resilience (two issues that are inextricably linked) https://t.co/6mBWKwirvS read the source
89 days ago  

@WLKFabio   RT @JesseJenkins: New StudyThe key to a 100% clean electricity future in California is Clean Firm Power!Study led by @EnvDefenseFund read the source
94 days ago