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Guest      36 days ago  # 25 October 2021
Issue with the website. Problem in the calculation of the amounts

Nilson      45 days ago  # 16 October 2021
no return here in São Paulo/Brazil.

Dirk      60 days ago  # 1 October 2021
Website is down

chetnik SRB      60 days ago  # 1 October 2021
website down

Cip      83 days ago  # 8 September 2021

Aj      129 days ago  #
cant connect to to view my stats unless on vpn? anyone know why

Nicolas      145 days ago  #
Server down...

GUEST      145 days ago  #

Guest Miner      170 days ago  #
I think its out not sure, had to switch to 2miners.

Zencontroller      177 days ago  #
General outage. Should I just switch everything over to a differant pool???

Guest      180 days ago  #
General Outage

fishwafu      182 days ago  #
website is down but sit seems trex is just running ok

saints5354      202 days ago  #
Website still down for me... Anyone else?

lady77      202 days ago  #
f*** site

M.Rahil      202 days ago  #
Nit working and not except wallet address .
I am from pakistan .

me again      202 days ago  #
eu1 back

me      202 days ago  #
it automatically switched to ETC mining, ETH pool is f***ed up?!?

rald      202 days ago  #
reporting invalid shares

Guest      202 days ago  #
Workingggggggg guys :) eu

dr evil      202 days ago  #
I now control ethermine, your ethereum, is now my ethereum. muahahahahhaah

Guest      202 days ago  #
Pool is working, accepting shares, but no access to website and reading data...

digitalthumb      202 days ago  #
still getting shares but cant login to the webstie

uncle from farm      202 days ago  #
mobile app / web not working.... mining wokrs

Pl      202 days ago  #
Invalid shares since 9h30

D      202 days ago  #
Getting share now!

T.Green      202 days ago  #
I was wondering why I was getting 22% share rejection.....

J. Demic.      202 days ago  #
Yeah. Ethermine does not respond. The website is not responding just as the miners cant connect to the pool.

Guest      202 days ago  #
Same as everyone else. Invalid shares for the past 30 minutes and the website is down

miner      202 days ago  #
anyone else getting 100% stale shares?

Guest      202 days ago  #

Guest      202 days ago  #
Not working

Guest      202 days ago  #
Getting only invalid shares with known-working cards for the past 30 mins

Alex      202 days ago  #
Only stale shares, connection to server lost

Guest      204 days ago  #
Everything reseted?

bob      223 days ago  #
no mining stats

dams0n      234 days ago  #
no mining stats

WOJ      234 days ago  #
No mining stats

Andreas      234 days ago  #
No mining stats

moa      234 days ago  #
no mining stats

Twitter Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports from Twitter:

@MarkSon0102   @ljxk7 @ethermine_org Send a direct message to tools_hack00 on IG he Helped me when I had same issues he's reliable and recommended read the source
28 days ago   2 November 2021

@Katrina15103604   @ljxk7 @ethermine_org Having issues with your cryto transaction on blockchain, meta mask or trust wallet? Submit a compliant ticket directly with your correct information to support for quick assistance and clarification. read the source
28 days ago   2 November 2021

@das_grasshopper   @karimhelpme @btccom_official @f2pool_official @ethermine_org For like, 6 months until The Merge.There's a Community Call Nov 5th for PoW switch off for infrastructure providers and App developers. read the source
33 days ago   28 October 2021

@ShaunAnsari   Anybody else having issues with @0xPolygon payments on @ethermine_org ? read the source
59 days ago  

@Danieberge   @raketgubben @ethermine_org Kindly send us a DM to consult our support team. We'd provide a quick response to resolve your issues. read the source
65 days ago  

@baransel123   @vlad88sv @ethermine_org We have set up a special team to attend to your issues Write us via the mail read the source
73 days ago  

@dappswallet   @UnlockYang @labs_uniswap @Uniswap @ethermine_org @VitalikButerin Hello Kindly send a private message if youre having issues with swap errors and untimed Gwei read the source
78 days ago  

@Gabby25229862   @batununbiri @Universal_Apps @ethermine_org I had similar issues yesterday but I immediately contacted them and there response was so good, words can't describe how happy I am ,I thought I lost all my coins but it all came back,Kindly contact them to rectify your issues Immediately... read the source
110 days ago  

@Richter98229618   @svenzwaaneveld @manen_wan @ethermine_org Are you having metamask transaction issues..I commend that you write to their instant support to get your issues resolved.. read the source
117 days ago  

@mvandemar   Is anyone else having issues trying to get the signature request to go through for a manual payment on @ethermine_org @etherchain_org? It says the wallet is connected but no prompts in the wallet when I click Sign and Submit... read the source
123 days ago  

@SteveRo18561765   @JeromeLeeGriff1 @ethermine_org @WalletConnect Direct your issues to Trust wallet response team by clicking on this link and follow instructions properly read the source
146 days ago  

@jessyAldo15   @JeromeLeeGriff1 @ethermine_org @WalletConnect Hello friend,don't be too worried I had the same issue but it was fixed,just Contact TRUST WALLET SUPPORT TEAM, to get your account verified and also answer any of your questions and rectify your issues instantly read the source
151 days ago  

@jameszy2021   @dmdstar @ethermine_org @WalletConnect Be very careful with who you share your Recovery phrase with. I had similar issues but it was fixed after I contacted the trust wallet support team directly through their mail @ Trustwallet2017@gmail You should contact them read the source
159 days ago  

@Queen_Omha   @Joele_1968 @ethermine_org @WalletConnect Contact us on Reddit or for support or guidance on trust-crypto wallet issues read the source
161 days ago  

@Queen_Omha   @Joele_1968 @ethermine_org @WalletConnect If you are having issues with your trustwalletapp please I advice you write directly to trust-wallet Help center and your issue will be rectified read the source
161 days ago  

@CarrieF69741015   @yUNcsCSN4iD9zJU @ethermine_org @MetaMask In my honest opinion, I think there's a good chance of recovery, I had similar issues a while back and the support services were time wasting so this guy on instagram @cyber_secure01 helped me get back my account and funds, you should contact him. read the source
165 days ago  

@A590Tyres   @ethermine_org I'm mining but the dashboard says not. You having issues? read the source
165 days ago  

@John25185918   @cryptomasino @ethermine_org @0xPolygon You can use the support link below for issues they will get back to you immediately with an email read the source
173 days ago  

@Metamasksup_ioi   @LordBerken @ethermine_org @0xPolygon Hello, Sincere apologies.Kindly send a Direct message bf to what issues youre experiencing follow back for further assistance.Thank you . read the source
175 days ago  

@Metamasksup_ioi   @LordBerken @ethermine_org Hello, Sincere apologies.Kindly send a Direct message bf to what issues youre experiencing follow back for further assistance.Thank you . read the source
175 days ago