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Elly      3 days ago  # 23 June 2022
Can't choose a different season. Keeps jumping back to season 1.

fmoviesFAN      5 days ago  # 21 June 2022
it's working now, i love you FMOVIES!

XIRIS      5 days ago  # 21 June 2022
It's up and active as of now for me. I can search for movies and everything's back to normal. Quickest server fix i've ever seen. honest.

a1jakesauce      5 days ago  # 21 June 2022
this website will most likely be taken down due to the amount of traffic its seen recently. Monkeys out of the bottle kids, time to resub to all the dog shit platforms out there.

S0lanaceae32      5 days ago  # 21 June 2022
Been trying for hours to watch on the site, just gives 'bad gateway connection'

8.3pm cst      5 days ago  #
fmovies is just down again cant search or watch anything

Milly      14 days ago  #
So annoying. The search bar won’t work at all whenever you type anything in and the website is really jumpy even without watching stuff on it

Very frustrated      14 days ago  #
Really laggy these few days, and I can't search for anything on fmovies!

M. Jourdain Montreal, Canada      22 days ago  #
Is there a server problem with For the past 2 days it's been non-stop lagging every few minutes...
It's the 1st time in 4+ years of using the site this happens...

nobody      27 days ago  #
its down for me. im kinda getting tired

1pm      27 days ago  #
Site up but servers seem hosed.

5am      57 days ago  #
really laggy last few days

rosa      57 days ago  #
lagging the last 2 days, no matter what I watch

cosi      57 days ago  #
lagging every 3-5 minutes

Ari      58 days ago  #
video is really laggy

Phaedra      80 days ago  #
strange sites pop up claiming to be fmovies alternatives. When I finally find the right fmovies it remembers me and my login info. All the others are fakes, most of the films aren't active links. Most have spam and p***o links or malware links. When I do finally find it again and it only works for a day or two then access disappears again. WTF? Don't you have a way of letting us know where you've had to move to? I'm officially registered to your site but get no email or reddit warning.

Phaedra      80 days ago  #
bmovies doesn't work for me either.

Idk      115 days ago  #
guys they said that they changed their site to bmovies-

tr      120 days ago  #
none of these links work

Zoe Lynch      140 days ago  #
Hasn't been working for over a month now. I'm so sick of this

Gintoki Trash      142 days ago  #
Fmovies videos won't even play and the ads are 10x worse than normal. The pop ups are getting mad annoying.

Rick      147 days ago  #
Not working today

Kevin M.      153 days ago  #
Is FMovies down or done? 01/23/22

abanger      169 days ago  #
it works on incognito

Q      185 days ago  #
Can't even reach website....

AD      185 days ago  #
none of the sites you mentioned are working :

gab      268 days ago  #
general outage. none of the links and mirror sites are working

Guest      292 days ago  #
Site does not reload at all

Guest      301 days ago  #
Website down

Guest      303 days ago  #
omg fmovies has been having issues for months. Even before you did major changes to the site. and changing links does NOT fix the problem fmovies. its getting old having to reload all the time and praying the reload doesn't give me an error page when binge watching a series. even here on a site that should say weather your having issues or not is very very vague. and your answer is change sites from .this -.that if your having a problem or do a browser or dns cache on my pc. I think i may just go to >> <<< and make them my default movie channel. they don't have 1/2 the issues you guys do.

Evan      331 days ago  #
website down

Daniel      332 days ago  #
Its The Adblocker you guys are using swap add blockers or disable your and try again

Daniel      332 days ago  #
Is the video still down for everyone?

Guest      332 days ago  #
Video player. Again.

Guest      333 days ago  #
Video player. Are they even doing anything to fix this? It's been down since last night.

Guest      333 days ago  #
Video player

Guest      333 days ago  #
Video player

Guest      333 days ago  #
Video player

sad      333 days ago  #

     349 days ago  #
it was working flawlessly perfect now this at least im in good company they need to fix this ASAP

Guest      349 days ago  #
It's the website and it takes AGES for the video to continue. Was fine till yesterday.