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wewe      4 days ago  # 22 June 2022
anyone else not working today?

Dellz      11 days ago  # 15 June 2022
Only half of my manga will load like I'll get to a certain point through the chapter and it'll just stop showing panels it stays the same even if I reload the page, I even tried on my phone. Yet again, has it done the same thing.
Please fix this issue I am so bored doing school work I want to read my manga      11 days ago  # 15 June 2022
The website is back up I can finally read my manga

do      11 days ago  # 15 June 2022
Guys the manga panels only go up to a certain point then it stops loading

Ningen      11 days ago  # 15 June 2022
I’m trying to read and it just isn’t loading I hope it’s not just me and I hope they can fix this soon

Crow      11 days ago  #
But how long has it been down for

dow      11 days ago  #
this been down all day bro

Emma      11 days ago  #
Anyone know what is going on and if it’ll be fixed??

Bdawg      11 days ago  #
f*** it’s down.

Manga reader fan      11 days ago  #
It’s downnnnn whyyyyy

Manga Reader 2.0      11 days ago  #
the Pages Wil not LOAD WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manga reader      11 days ago  #
The pictures won't load

Misato      11 days ago  #
Please fix the manga

Kojou      11 days ago  #
Everything is blank Why??

er      11 days ago  #
The manga pages don't come up and everything is black

down      11 days ago  #
i think its down now :(

comment      11 days ago  #
it's not working for me again :(

tcandy      11 days ago  #
its back up yawl

tcandy      11 days ago  #
this shit been down for like more than an hour ive resorted to reading the newspaper please do something its getting rough out here

:(((      11 days ago  #

Dellz      12 days ago  #
Fix your site please I want to finish rereading Bungo Stray Dogs I'm on chapt 60 please It's not too far

tcandy      12 days ago  #
oh my fkn god im so bored at work please fix the site i wanna read tokyo ghoul

Mr.unsus      12 days ago  #
Mr.sus is kinda sus ngl

vikfwnaruto      12 days ago  #

Makima Lover      12 days ago  #
I cant read chainsaw man :((((      12 days ago  #
All I get is a black screen

Mr.sus      12 days ago  #
i cant read anything

Mr.Goose      56 days ago  #
Bruh I can't read any manga, it shows up with a grey screen

Emu      56 days ago  #
This shit is down

Ziloxis      59 days ago  #
It’s down sadly it keeps on just showing the loading thing

.      64 days ago  #
Guys use a vpn and it'll work

.      71 days ago  #
yea its down for me too

Mito      71 days ago  #

a      76 days ago  #
is it down

     76 days ago  #

Ninsss      76 days ago  #
Error :(

zeming      76 days ago  #
down for me,what happened

Ken      76 days ago  #
down currently

Craig      77 days ago  #
down of me as well

Insanely upset manga enthusiast      79 days ago  #
same here sad manga man. every time it just says site can't provide secure connection. I have tried other browsers but its always the same

Sad Manga Man      79 days ago  #
Ok does the thing keep saying This site can’t provide a secure connection cause that is what happening to me

depressed one piece fan      80 days ago  #
very sad just want to read wano arc :(

very upset viewer      80 days ago  #
what happened? when will it be back up I need to read more doctor stone

Dawn      87 days ago  #
Bruh i was reading solo leveling and now the website straight up just don’t start or load

OtherRyuusLover69      95 days ago  #
Nvm its up ????

ThethiccRyuusLover69      95 days ago  #
Still no manga bruv it was fine yesterday ????????????????????????????

MANGAREADER.TO FIX THIS      95 days ago  #

Tiga2valid      95 days ago  #
No manga?

k      95 days ago  #
I been wondering why the screen was black with no manga

NOTRyuuslover69      95 days ago  #
Fix the problem rn or else I'll cancel u on twitter ????????????????????????

Ryuuslover69      95 days ago  #
I just want to read gakuen babysitters bro

M      95 days ago  #
i just wanna read Dr.stone and land of the lustrous, but where are the pages? it's just black

Ember      95 days ago  #
im trying to read baki but all chapters are just the backscreen no manga

L      95 days ago  #
Manga does not load. I just wanna read Steel Ball Run, dammit

M      95 days ago  #
I can use home page but when I search or click on a manga it’s just black and doesn’t work at all

n      95 days ago  #
im just tryna read bleach

Unknown      109 days ago  #
I can use home page but when I search or click on a manga it’s just white and doesn’t work at all