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marie      1 day ago  # 26 September 2022
none of the servers load the videos: upcloud, vidcloud, doodstream....

liern      2 days ago  # 25 September 2022
cant logg inn any one else?

Treasa      3 days ago  # 24 September 2022
Vidcloud server not loading videos.

Jay      3 days ago  # 24 September 2022
Videos not loading or servers say 'file not found'. It's been like this for 24 hours.

Nancy      3 days ago  # 24 September 2022
Server keeps jumping to Doodstream server which is all adds

Mark my word      4 days ago  #
Hopefully it’s fixed soon I just watched my series last night on it

joe mama      4 days ago  #
goodluck fixing this team moviejoy

Choleh      4 days ago  #
Everything I searched for today 23.9-22 came up empty. I tried to search for series I know are there, nothing! Can you advise please. Thank you in advance.

Lucas      4 days ago  #
Search engine doesnt work

This sucks please set up again      31 days ago  # isn't working the servers cert is invalid and says access to content/website disabled by an order of the federal court

reduke      33 days ago  #
everyone else seems to be having the same problem abt no search results, this is also the case with any other website that seems to be using the same servers, like and, so i'm hoping that it gets fixed soon

Daily User      33 days ago  #
Please put General Hospital please!!!

hi      33 days ago  #
search returns no values

uaheyuh3u      33 days ago  #
someone said it was blocked by "ministry of electronics" or smth under act 2000 (no pirating shit blah blah) so im wondering if this is the end of moviesjoy

Aa      33 days ago  #
Search bar doesn’t work, nothing shows up or wrong results

Ed@      33 days ago  #
Nothing loads, can’t watch nothing as well

EA      33 days ago  #
Loading old shows saved to bookmarks works, but the search bar gives no results

AB      33 days ago  #
trying to search for movies/tv show, but nothing shows up in the results

Rony      37 days ago  #
The subtitle is not working in any videos.

Sarita      37 days ago  #
In any videos subtitle not working

SJ      68 days ago  #
Server down as of 7-21

ari      74 days ago  #
i hope itll comeback

YOU      74 days ago  #
its down will it comeback?

ol      74 days ago  #
Webpage doesnt show.

Joker      75 days ago  #
Webpage doesnt show.

me      75 days ago  #
web server down. try

tt      75 days ago  #
web down

BlahBlah      75 days ago  #
Web server is down.

bona      108 days ago  #
trying to search for movies, but nothing shows up in the results

Ash      108 days ago  #
Search bar broken

j.kap      108 days ago  #
search does not work

jack fry      108 days ago  #
search bar doest work

r1      108 days ago  #
search bar does not work

chibik      131 days ago  #
videos wont play all of a sudden, chromebook

Sam      163 days ago  #
antivirus won't let me in

Yhwach      168 days ago  #

Aizen      171 days ago  #
My antivirus doesn't want to let me in as well and not sure whats happening

Eva      171 days ago  #
My antivirus doesn't want to let me in. Does anyone know why, what's going on?

Coleyna      187 days ago  #
It seems that the latest episodes of various shows I've tried to watch this week aren't available yet, and they only show last week's episodes as the latest. I've had to watch the latest ones for this week on other streaming sites.

Aidan      211 days ago  #
idk why it keeps saying refused to connect. wifi is all right

Ruponte      214 days ago  #
Its blocked by my country

Hasib      215 days ago  #
It's showing that the site got blocked by ministry of electronics under IT 2000

Taanisha      223 days ago  #
My link is not geting opened from laptop

JustMe      253 days ago  #
Getting ERR_SSL-PROTOCOL_ERROR on iPhone (safari and chrome)

User      254 days ago  #
I can't open the site. I click on the link and it just get stuck.

anon      259 days ago  #
I keep getting this error ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR

friendly user      259 days ago  #

Daily user      280 days ago  #
Protocol error page can't be found may have moved

Simple      280 days ago  #
Getting ERR_SSL-PROTOCOL_ERROR on iPhone (safari and chrome)

nobody lol      310 days ago  #
when i try to watch doctor who the subtitles won't work correctly. i think it keeps displaying the subtitles for the previous episode and im not sure how to fix it.

Olive      313 days ago  #
None of the tv shows or movies or working and i tried different streams but they didn't work

Guest      359 days ago  #
The video quality was 1080p, but lately the quality dropped to 720p.

Guest      409 days ago  #
Frontpage is loading but when you click on a movie or tv show it won't load.

Guest      409 days ago  #
Videos suddenly stopped loading while watching at TV show.

guest      409 days ago  #
not loading