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ball tickler 3000      11 mins ago  # 28 September 2022
Loading is just infinite it works on my perfectly fine on my phone but doesn't work on my laptop it just keeps on loading and loading.

im in your walls      1 day ago  # 27 September 2022
is anyone else getting "This site can’t provide a secure connection" or is that just me shit wifi cant tell if it is or not

Shortygal      3 days ago  # 26 September 2022
when I click on the link to watch a tv show or movie it just has the loading circle going around and around.

Shivashakti      3 days ago  # 25 September 2022
no titles are loading, no streams are lowning

Arkie      4 days ago  # 24 September 2022
Won't load

Taylor      4 days ago  #
None of the serves will load and my show wont play. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, do you know what’s going on?

nort      4 days ago  #
blank page when searching

Loading...      4 days ago  #
The search bar is not showing results.
Found another website that does work

Caca shit      5 days ago  #
I searched of movies and a white page comes up the home pages works the just the search doesn’t I have never had this problem before.

Jeffrey Epstein      5 days ago  #
I looked up Fargo and a blank page came up even though the movie exists there

^^^      5 days ago  #

S      12 days ago  #
The same as foxyredhead I can’t get on the app now

blah      12 days ago  #

Foxxyredhead      12 days ago  #
Just wondering if myflixer is down currently. Was watching a movie and it froze and now I cant get onto the site.

B1819      30 days ago  #
Was working good earlier. Now freezing every time

Nothing      74 days ago  #
i cant watch

jb      75 days ago  #
so sad. Definitely it's down.

Jay      75 days ago  #
Fix my flixer

Wulf      75 days ago  # Error 521

Mia      75 days ago  #
It says 521 errot

??      88 days ago  #
It says bad getaway or just doesnt load at all for me

Bob      88 days ago  #
Bad gateway

??      88 days ago  #
Says bad gateway

Rachel      112 days ago  #
me either, it says the file can't be played so I reload and It just takes forever to load.

Catherine      148 days ago  #
Myflixer isnt loading