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Kim R      21 days ago  # 5 May 2022
Unable to access 'add checks' from ATM on NCSECU site todsy.

Carla      57 days ago  # 31 March 2022
Unable to connect to mobile or full site

Eli      57 days ago  # 31 March 2022
Website and app not opening on mobile and desktop

Renee      83 days ago  # 4 March 2022
Unable to access site via devices

Tabitha      90 days ago  # 25 Feb 2022
2/25/2022 not able to access the mobile app or website.
MESSAGE: The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Bill      168 days ago  #
Entire site down, can't access login, info, anything. Same on mobile. Been this way since at least 6:30 PM Eastern 12/8.

K      168 days ago  #
Not working on mobile site, website or app

Guest      223 days ago  #
App & Website down

Jacqueline      223 days ago  #
This is very upsetting ???? been up since 5am and still nothing.

Patrick      223 days ago  #
Want to see what a cashless society looks like....TADA

SECU Lifer...until now      223 days ago  #
SECU sucks as far as I'm concerned. MAJOR outage twice in the span of a month?! Absolutely unacceptable. I'll be looking to see who else is out there worth my business. Anyone have thoughts on other bank branches?

Would have appreciated acknowledgement. Very unpro      223 days ago  #

Irritated NC SECU customer      223 days ago  #
Went to gas station, debit card declined 2x. Always have my direct deposit show up on Friday before 8am. Then I get text from bank while I'm standing at gas station wondering what has happened saying insufficient funds due to NSF - this caused a lot of embarrasment....they didn't process my direct deposit, but allowed an ACH draft to get returned AND charged me overdraft fees, because THEY were having an issue......called SECU and hold for 25 minutes to be told I need to call back after 8:30 when the branch is open.

Mandy      223 days ago  #
This is absolutely ridiculous. People can’t even pay for breakfast or groceries. What is going on?

Guest      223 days ago  #
Unable to login

Jaquell      223 days ago  #
Have been trying to login to the app and website since 12am and neither works. Tried to use card for gas and card declined. This is horrible! Thinking to switch banks

Isaiah      223 days ago  #
SECU always does me wrong. Active duty Army here with pregnant wife and bills to pay. They still deducted money when they can’t let my DD go through? Nice. Like one time my account got hacked last year and I had to PAY THEM for someone hacking my account Bc of their weak server. Thanks SECU. I’m switching banks.

Wanda      223 days ago  #
This makes no sense u can't check your account can't get your funds nothing and all they have to say is keep checking they hope it be fixed today. Release our money !

JLB      223 days ago  #
Nothing is working. Does this mean direct deposits didn’t go in?

Jenksj      223 days ago  #
Is my money in China or Russia

Meme      223 days ago  #
What does the site being down has to do with dd

Michael Cotten      223 days ago  #
Site been down a long time.

Keaton      223 days ago  #
So did y’all get hacked or what, my DD hits every Thursday night at midnight and y’all deducted money from my account instead of letting my DD go through, so y’all can’t give us our money because the site is down but you can still charge me at any time, make perfect sense guys, really thank you for stealing my money without letting me get my deposit, y’all are truly just the best can’t believe I waited this long to bank with y’all it’s just so great

Guest      223 days ago  #
Is it working yet?

I would suggest Bank of America.      223 days ago  #
I am completely done with SECU everyday it’s an issues. It really crazy people can’t even access their earnings. This bank has gone completely down hill over the years

Need to buy breakfast      223 days ago  #
Yep, site is down and DD funds unavailable still, usually available by 3:00am

Guest      223 days ago  #
App and website down

Dorie      223 days ago  #
I just called, sites down so no DD have hit. I have to at work in hour half guess I won't make it today. Thanks secu

Me      223 days ago  #

Guest      223 days ago  #
App, website

Guest      223 days ago  #
Website, app and the Automated response

Guest      223 days ago  #
Unable to access app or website

Jacob      236 days ago  #
Website down 502 error

Michael      240 days ago  #
General outage. I call the branch every hour to check. No time frame given on when it will be restored. So no deposits I made this morning have been processed which sucks

Kayley      265 days ago  #
Website not letting user log in on iPad or mobile. "Url failed" error message. 9/3/2021

Guest      297 days ago  #
Website not working

Amanda      318 days ago  #
Cannot log in on any device all day and all night. Not on the internet (various providers tried) nor on the app. What the heck???? What’s going on?

Guest      333 days ago  #
App has been down all morning

Ceballos      333 days ago  #
Mobile and Web no working…

Joanna      333 days ago  #
I can’t log on mobile or on the web

Carolyn      333 days ago  #
502 Gateway error, mobile load error

login returns      333 days ago  #
ncsecu login returns:
502 Bad Gateway

de      333 days ago  #
App and Site down

Carl      333 days ago  #
App and site

Guest      333 days ago  #
App and site