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Guest      6 hours ago  # 29 November 2020

Guest      23 hours ago  # 28 November 2020

Guest      2 days ago  # 27 November 2020
Image loading

Guest      4 days ago  # 25 November 2020

Guest      4 days ago  # 25 November 2020
General Outage

Guest      8 days ago  #
Quel loi française ?

Guest      9 days ago  #

Nhentai French User      9 days ago  #
if you can't go on nhentai.net in France because of the new law, use Opera GX, Tor or an other navigator with a VPN. Remember to activate the VPN in the options !

Si vous ne pouvez pas aller sur nhentai.net en France à cause de la nouvelle Loi, utilisez Opera GX, Tor ou un autre navigateur avec un VPN. Pensez Bien à activer le VPN dans les options !

Guest      9 days ago  #
Can’t go on nhentai because of a french law

Guest      9 days ago  #

Guest      15 days ago  #

Guest      15 days ago  #
Sending me to a random doujin

Guest      16 days ago  #
loading images slowly

Guest      19 days ago  #
Picture didn't show

Squid      32 days ago  #
Aw cmon, I just got home from work and I'm trying to read me some damn tomboy, childhood, vanilla doujin!

ur mom      32 days ago  #
i just wanted elsa granhiert hentai, was that too much too ask?

Nhentai Fan      33 days ago  #

Guest      33 days ago  #

culturedResearcher      33 days ago  #
I guess my research will have to be put on hold.

Dtf      33 days ago  #
Bye bye, dont mind me just say bye to my boner

Anon      33 days ago  #
Down dudeeee

Aa      33 days ago  #
Ssl handshake failed

Not Pog      33 days ago  #
All the pinned links dont work, whole site is down

Thats tough      33 days ago  #
Im just trying to look at some Hanekawa hentai bro

Pre      36 days ago  #
Not loading for me

Guest      37 days ago  #
Yup it's down right now

Guest      38 days ago  #
Popup that takes me to different page

Guest      49 days ago  #

Guest      60 days ago  #
Error 500

Guest      60 days ago  #
Error 503 trying to prevent me from wanking one off.

Guest      60 days ago  #
General outtage

Guest      63 days ago  #
Images not loading

webstatus      106 days ago  #

Culture      106 days ago  #
Website Outage

S      109 days ago  #
login button has disappeared

also when searching a tag or parody, once you click a manga you just get sent to a random one

Also a horny weeb      116 days ago  #
Try imhentai com it has less ... rules lets say that but its cool for now it will do

Guts      116 days ago  #

Horny weeb      116 days ago  #
Smh I’m tryna beat my meat but error 525 keeps cock blocking me

hogsqueezer      116 days ago  #
It's down when I need it most

bob      139 days ago  #
it can't load nothing pop up it's just a blank page.

Aeon      146 days ago  #
Not able open website

Guest      163 days ago  #
Redirecting to a vpn add for whatever reason, don’t trust it

epic      164 days ago  #
i can open the website, but none of the pictures or hentai pages load, why is this happening?

Guest      172 days ago  #
Ofc it is offline previously, they went under maintenance LOL

bob      172 days ago  #
nhentai won't load it a blank page

Guest      182 days ago  #
Won't load the images