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TheNormalMan2      47 days ago  # 12 August 2022
Rukfield • 76 days ago #
I don't know why but it seems with an amercian's VPN, it works...

Is right it works with an american VPN I just tested it and ERRORS 520 and 525 are gone and site is working.

Madhatter24      50 days ago  # 9 August 2022
Will it ever be fixed seriously

Sus      62 days ago  # 28 July 2022
Is the app forever shutdown?

Joe      69 days ago  # 22 July 2022
The app says "no entries found"

Sue      69 days ago  # 21 July 2022
SSL handshake failed

Hell      69 days ago  #
Ahh again seriously ?

Sus      74 days ago  #
The app is not working why

YangMulia      75 days ago  #
no image only text lol

The Sauce Warrior      78 days ago  #
It's almost a month and the app is still down . Always shows no entries found

Small cock      79 days ago  #
Don’t work lmao

CodeHunter      80 days ago  #
I can't open the website, I hope the owner can fix it soon

Madhatter24      86 days ago  #
The apps been down for close to a month on my phone it's really annoying

CloudflareIsEvil      88 days ago  #
Since they're using evil cloudflare, I can no longer access the site at all. It just keeps reloading the "checking your browser". Endlessly. Methinks they've set the options to be too strict.

<<fapgod>>      91 days ago  #
<<It shows no entries found but I can see my favourite ones n also the browser ver is working fine T T>>

Rag      92 days ago  #
Why is the appel saying ''no entries found''????

jabs      92 days ago  #
no entries found

Saitama      92 days ago  #
The app is not working 500???? error

Max      114 days ago  #
The app is not working either
It says no entries found

Rukfield      123 days ago  #
I don't know why but it seems with an amercian's VPN, it works...

Holy Hentai      126 days ago  #
Jesus always f***ing down

Pusssyy slayer69      128 days ago  #
Pussssyyy, down again

whereMyHentai      130 days ago  #
nhentai wont pass DDoS protection by Cloudflare on chrome but it works just fine in other browsers as firefox and operaGx

HSM      133 days ago  #
Again the "No entries found" error, pls fix it

nhentaiguy      133 days ago  #
cloudflare thing not passing through

Hoilo      135 days ago  #
f*** down

Lol      143 days ago  #
Damm that 500 error

NHENTAI SUCKS!      143 days ago  #
NHENTAI SUCKS!! NO ENTRIES FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

horny bish      143 days ago  #
guyssss it backkk

Gg gaming      143 days ago  #
The hell i want to watch boy love & infantilism thoo

´Kirio Ishima      143 days ago  #
What does error 500 mean?

the fapmeister      143 days ago  #
dude I’m tryna do my late night fapping what the f***

Alien3.0C      143 days ago  #
Stop getting mad for not being able to fap today lol

horny bish      143 days ago  #
aghhhhhh error 500 damn bitch wtf

Seggsman      143 days ago  #

Horny mf      143 days ago  #

nn      143 days ago  #
error 500

sebad      143 days ago  #
Error 500 no clue what that is

Error 500      143 days ago  #
Quandale Dingle and Juandale Ching Chong Ling Tippsyton here, we boutta explore some new mangas but it shutdow

BOB      143 days ago  #
Error 500?
Even the extension is not working
Well at least it's not 404 not found

G      143 days ago  #

oh nyo      143 days ago  #
error 500

The usual      143 days ago  #
It out ?

Meta      149 days ago  #
Same here, it says the same thing

Helper      149 days ago  #
try this it has nhentai Extension Just Download and enjoy and all new Hentai site is also available.

App Link: https://tachiyomi.org

just install Extension and enjoy Nhentai There Try It

Hentaireader      149 days ago  #
Mine to

rodion      150 days ago  #

i cant download huhuhuhu      150 days ago  #

Makisexchi      150 days ago  #
Yeah, the app is not working for me, it says "No entried found"

STEEEEEEEEEVE      151 days ago  #
I have the exact same issue, and reinstalling and emptying cache did nothing for me either

Snake      152 days ago  #
When this bug gonna be fixing!!

Fitass      152 days ago  #
I cant read if i use it it says No entries found

Harith      152 days ago  #
I tried to use hentai app but its not working

HSM      153 days ago  #
The app isn't working, each time I try refreshing it says "No entries found", even tried changing tags, clearing the cache, memory, everything.

Justsomeonehorny      162 days ago  #
Man, it loads really slow even though I have fast enough internet to smoothly play videos on 4k

thescout      170 days ago  #
man this is a avengers level threat

Ender      170 days ago  #
11/04/22 nhentai.net gives me a "525 handshake error" and a "522 connection failed"

jnfs      170 days ago  #
error 502

Last      174 days ago  #

Al      175 days ago  #

Kri      182 days ago  #
I don't think sites fully down but it is in certain areas because the recommendation page only works if people are constantly reading them

The informer      186 days ago  #
Nhentai,hitomi,spankbang,p***hub and any major p*** related sites are all down I can’t enter into any of them unless some shitty p*** site with weird ass p***

Opium      186 days ago  #
I’m getting an err 520

Alan      186 days ago  #
Cloud fare interruptions can’t even load anything

me      187 days ago  #
i'm getting error 525. is it me or website is down?

Adam N      198 days ago  #
Super slow loading. Images appear blank most of the time. I just wanna read some quality shit, man!

just      199 days ago  #
Nah in tachiyomi it ain't loading

Kaos      200 days ago  #
Still down bois, running into broken pictures and a lot of errors, these are dark days

Passerby      206 days ago  #
Anyone knows when the site will be online??

Somerandomguy      206 days ago  #
I thought im the only one who have a problem hope it work sooner

ThatSinner      206 days ago  #
Website server look like is down, even using unblock proxy it can't be open nor aps, always error 503, etc. Hope will work soon.

SKullex      206 days ago  #
error 503 why?

Hateful child      206 days ago  #
Site breaking down

Pornaddict      206 days ago  #
App not working, having withdrawals

wiwkiller      206 days ago  #
app not working

fbi      206 days ago  #
this really a serious problem bois

mood      206 days ago  #
nhentai app is not working , i searched many things but not a single thing came

Sonicfappp      207 days ago  #
nhentai.xxx .. :)

Blob      207 days ago  #
Error 525... Just a man here wanting to enjoy reading :(

EatLolis      207 days ago  #
Error 525, anyone else?

idgaf      207 days ago  #
their website is really brokey right now , every doujin i open always got broken picture or the entire doujin picture is just broken picture

alan      213 days ago  #
Can confirm that the site is blocked in Guam.

jb      214 days ago  #
Anyone else on guam not able to?

J.L.      214 days ago  #
Website not loading on my mobile device. Tried refreshing the page and rebooting the modem here. But nothing. Is it blocked here on Guam?

.      214 days ago  #
they really blocked it on guam smfh

nunya      214 days ago  #
i know im typing in the right username and password but the website tells me its wrong, i try on my phone and i can login, but on pc it wont let me

Edward Kaliope      232 days ago  #
Images not showing pls why :(((((

Guest      272 days ago  #
I literally do not have a login function on the app; regardless of how many times I uninstall then reinstall

Guest      339 days ago  #

D      339 days ago  #
Images not showing

Guest      354 days ago  #
Website is down

Grey      354 days ago  #
Hmm narohodo

A      357 days ago  #
Loading weird

Guest      363 days ago  #
Website, an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on mine.

kokodripo      366 days ago  #
cant log in, my password and username is right and my emails wont be accepted when trying to reset pass

S      371 days ago  #
Guys just use a vpn

Bruh      372 days ago  #
Slow page load on nhentai only

guest      389 days ago  #
Not working

Guest      389 days ago  #
App wont open

Guest      395 days ago  #
Failure to load images

9      396 days ago  #
It's black. Black all black I can't even fapp dammit.

Guest      399 days ago  #

Guest      413 days ago  #

Tao      414 days ago  #
Apparently loggin in mobile failed to do so.

Guest      415 days ago  #
Problem with logging in using phone browser

no problem when logging in with pc

Tangina mo pldt      423 days ago  #

Guest      435 days ago  #
Login page just leads to a 404 error instead of he home page. No favoriting or downloading until it's fixed.

Guest      452 days ago  #
App not working

" "      467 days ago  #
Error 525, handshake failed?

error404      467 days ago  #
ssl handshake failed ????

g      467 days ago  #

Joebama      484 days ago  #
Guys its back now,try it without vpn coz its working now on my end

Guest      486 days ago  #
Putangina bat ayaw gumana naka smart ako hindi pldttttt

Pldt inaml      488 days ago  #

AYANAMI SIMP      488 days ago  #

NTR FAN      488 days ago  #
Pag di nyo pa binalik sa pusit ko na ipuputok to

PLDT why?      492 days ago  #
Why? nHentai is happiness to some of the younger Filipinos, so why?

Helper      492 days ago  #
https://go.atlasv.pn/yq2uSbFFbutXvSiM8 use this link to download atlas vpn and get 3 day free premium, it also has a free version

Helper      492 days ago  #
Use atlas vpn so you can access and jack off use this link for free 3 day premium, it is also has a free version

random guy      492 days ago  #
hey guys. download Turbo VPN lite. its logo design is an all orange bunny and white background, choose location, connect, and you're good to open the site in your browser or chrome or whtvr.
P.S it also affects other apps like netflix when you connect to other locations blah2. you're welcome

Hello 1      493 days ago  #
If nhentai.net is not working, please do try nhentai.xxx

Thank me later

Hello      493 days ago  #
#PLDT and possibly other ISPs in the #Philippines are blocking #nhentai and other p*** sites!!

Try 'DNS over HTTPS' in under More → Settings → Advanced if you'd like to circumvent the block.

Or a VPN if that doesn't work.

nakita ko sa twitter

Guest      493 days ago  #
Blinock ng pldt with the reason of child abuse materials n shit pero open literal na p*** sites baka naman gusto niyo ibalik nhentai

Guest      494 days ago  #

Bts biot      494 days ago  #
Recommend sites na pede basahan mga doujin pota diko kaya

Bts biot      494 days ago  #
Potanginang yan nhentai nalang kasiyahan ko kukunin pa tanginamo pldt

Nande      494 days ago  #

beans      494 days ago  #

TOR      494 days ago  #
Guys you can use Tor browser to go to nhentai.net but it loads a bit slow but hey at least you can read some hentai

YAWAAAAAAAAAAAA KAAAAA PLDT kainin mo TITI mo GAGO      494 days ago  #
yung p*** na hindi anime hndi na ka block pero yung Hentai naka Block AMP

PLDT YAWAAAAAAAAAAA      494 days ago  #

Rip      495 days ago  #

BAKLANG DUTERTE      495 days ago  #

GUEST      495 days ago  #
Kahit Mag SuperVPN pako Di parin makapasok PUTANG INA NYO PLDT SANA MAWALA KAYO

Joe mama      495 days ago  #
Here is the strat if the shit ass government won't let you inside of nhentai. First install opera browser,then use its vpn feature to go in the site and if you picked up the fap material you need, just go to the cover and once it redirects you to the desired page turn off vpn to load images faster

Tutoy      495 days ago  #
Medyo ayaw sakin magbukas ng nhentai siguro sa internet ng pldt to or nagmamaintenance yung nhentai. Sana gumana na yan nalang yung fap material ko kesa sa mga scripted daddy p*rns Hahaha

Blueballed by the state      495 days ago  #
No p***. Resort to public indecency. Well done PhGov.

Yes      495 days ago  #
Yep nhentai won't open

Kian Justin Hoyle      496 days ago  #
Ma babalik bah ang nhentai? Kung Oo kailan? Mtagal pa bah?

Gweentea      496 days ago  #
Ip doesn't return it means its blocked resolver problems

PAK U PLDT      496 days ago  #

DDS      496 days ago  #
Duterte walang magawa!!!

Lol      496 days ago  #
Di maka pasok awit

smart user here      496 days ago  #
awit di maka pasok ilang araw na

mayonice      496 days ago  #
Nhentai.net is working. It just that the Google Chrome does not allow it to launch.
It like opening p***hub in Chrome. usually in phones not on windows (I think)

POTANGINA MO PLDT AT DUTERTE      496 days ago  #
Tangina Kailangan Itwitter Na Toh POTANGINANG PLDT Yan Wahahahaha

POTANGINA MO PLDT AT DUTERTE      496 days ago  #
Tayo Ay Magtulungan Potanginang PLDT Yan

POTANGINA MO PLDT AT DUTERTE      496 days ago  #
Mga Kababayan Download Lang Kayo SuperNet VPN Sa PlayStore Solve Agad Ang Ating Hentai????
At Potangina Mo DUTERTE????

Guest      496 days ago  #
I panic

jurist      496 days ago  #
cant open website

Bulok Pilipinas      497 days ago  #
Mag VPN kayo guys gumagana naman. blinock rin ata ng government yung site.

HAHA      497 days ago  #
try nyo hotspot shield free vpn 500 mb kada araw.....d ko ma access nhentai tang ina kasi ng pldt

Guest      497 days ago  #
this site can't me reach Lmao let me innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Guest      497 days ago  #

Adonis      497 days ago  #
Oh please come back to us nhentai.

Guest      497 days ago  #
The site won't load it keeps saying "This site can’t be reached nhentai.net took too long to respond."

guest      497 days ago  #
the site wont load

cumaster23      497 days ago  #
Are they f*cking serious? They block sites for ✨fictional✨ p*rn*graphy because it's "bad" while they blatantly tolerate corruption and political abuse? Are you f*cking kidding me right now??? ugh... I am so done with this administration

vic      497 days ago  #
its been out since yesterday for me, anyone know why or when it will be back on, the website/server that is

Guest      497 days ago  #
Website down

Guest      497 days ago  #
My codes nooo

Guesy      497 days ago  #
Use vpn

Krempaiii      497 days ago  #
Bro it won't load

Moonlight      497 days ago  #
That f*cking jacob of fakku strike again

Peace      497 days ago  #
Use vpn and put india it works

Guest      498 days ago  #
What in the world is going with Nhentai? this wasn't like this yesterday

Guest      498 days ago  #
App and web not working

SirKyu      498 days ago  #
Well it's been down for 30 mins, might be server maintenance

Guest      498 days ago  #
Site cant be reached :(

guest      498 days ago  #
it ain'th working

サイト      512 days ago  #
aight its back

サイト      512 days ago  #
525 something website down

nooooooo      516 days ago  #
my bookmarks bro nooooooooooo

Mister Lister the Sister Fister      516 days ago  #
Ya boi jus tryna bust but now all I can do is cus

Guest      516 days ago  #
website error 521

M      516 days ago  #
Pururin it is

Haahnahahah      516 days ago  #
I need tuch my pp

Anon      516 days ago  #
Damn, another F this month 8(

Friendly local degenerate      516 days ago  #
Well shit...

Pootis      516 days ago  #
rip nhentai, down forever

Guest      516 days ago  #
I typed .xxx instead of .net and it’s working

Aya      516 days ago  #
I found some bomb ass stuff too

Guest      516 days ago  #
It's down for me rip late night activities

Cookiezi      516 days ago  #
LEt me in

Guest      523 days ago  #

Guest      548 days ago  #
I'm tryna beat my meat smh

Guest      559 days ago  #
Pictures and thumbnails barely loads...

OneTrueFag      566 days ago  #
It only works when I use VPN. Is VPN a requirement now to use the site. Not only just Nhentai but Manganelo/Magakakalot and Animepahe too. Tf is goin on?

WHyyyyy      566 days ago  #
Its still not working

Dude      566 days ago  #
Not working rn

jrkiller      566 days ago  #
Can't believe it

Hentai doujin lover      566 days ago  #
Damn nhentai.net is not working im using iPhone safari browser and it just says cannot open page

Qwert      566 days ago  #
It's not working

Guest      566 days ago  #
I can’t access nhentai

someone      576 days ago  #
nothing works on mobile, images not loading on pc

Guest      579 days ago  #
I cannot across the website

Guest      602 days ago  #
Website loads slowly

Guest      610 days ago  #
And here i thought my internet was the damn problem :))

Guest      610 days ago  #
eh I wanted to look at 2d, I will never jack off tho.

Guest      610 days ago  #
just want to beat ma sausage ples

guest      619 days ago  #
no images